Why Should You Get Your AC Maintenance Scheduled In Spring?

May 16, 2018

After the freezing winter months, homeowners welcome the spring season in a joyous mood. They open the windows and let in the sunlight and fresh air. The snow melts away revealing the lush green grass. While enjoying the lovely spring weather, do not forget the crucial task of scheduling your AC maintenance. Here are the top reasons why it is a great idea to get your AC maintenance done in spring.

No Waiting Blues at the Beginning of summer

You would not be running your air conditioners until June but it is a good idea to do the maintenance and repair job early spring so that your air conditioner is in perfect running condition once summer arrives.

You must be smart and wise enough to complete the routine maintenance in spring so that you could avoid the irritating waiting list in the summer season. The last thing anybody would want is to turn on the AC during the heat wave in early summer and discover that the machine is not working to the fullest of its ability and potential.

Do not wait for your machine to collapse when it is most needed in early summer days. It is better to be prepared for the warm and sultry days from now on. When you contact an AC repair company for scheduling an inspection during the peak season, you and your family may have to wait for a long time in total discomfort until your turn arrives on a long wait list. Get in touch with expert professionals in HVAC Chesapeake VA early in spring for top solutions.

All Issues Are Nipped in the Bud

When your AC is being serviced and taken care of, on a regular basis, issues would be detected by professionals at the very beginning so that you could address them before things get out of hands. Often insignificant damages such as a dirty condenser could become a huge issue leading to a malfunctioning condenser if service calls are neglected. Once the issue gets escalated to this degree, you would end up paying a huge amount of fees for resolving the issue that could have been avoided by timely maintenance.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Regular maintenance ensures that your HVAC units function properly throughout their life and also work towards extending the useful life, which means you can wait for that much longer before having to purchase a new one. Performance improvements also reduce your energy costs while performing optimally to keep you comfortable.


Any professional technician would understand the significance of a fully-functional centralized air conditioning system. The life of these devices would be varying greatly. They generally range from just 7 years to about 15 years depending on the timely maintenance and proper care they get. You must make it a point to see that your air conditioning system is serviced minimum twice every year. Do not forget to get a routine maintenance done in spring to be completely sure that the unit would be running smoothly to its utmost potential once the summer arrives. Moreover, you could keep your outdoors clear of debris. Keep replacing the filters. Experts recommend replacing air filter for your air conditioning system, at least, once every year.

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