Four Cures For The Most Common Pregnancy Conditions

May 24, 2018

Pregnancy is all about change; for your lifestyle, mindset, body, and more. It is an exciting time, but there are some adverse side effects to all this change that happens so quickly. Nausea, weight gain, headaches, and strung out emotions are just a few of the more common things to expect during the majority of pregnancies. Here are some of the cures found to help with these types of conditions:

  1. Emotional Support: Along with all of the other surprising changes that your body goes through in pregnancy, it is important to remember to surround yourself with positive influences. The number of changes can be scary and cause a lot of chaos, so be sure to engage in healthy conversations about any worries or hopes you have. Discussing things as they change will help you adjust far more quickly. Take advantage of or do not be afraid to ask for a listening ear. You can also utilize a journal when talking is not an option.
  2. Physical Support: Also, physical support for a rapidly changing body is imperative. Aside from maternity clothing as the belly bump grows, things such as compression socks or calf sleeves, and belly bands can help your body support added weight. Swelling is a big concern of many expectant moms and it tends to hit most right about the end of the second trimester. Swollen ankles, legs, and hands are most common, but investing in some products like high-quality compression wear from retailers such as Atom Compression Wear can go a long way in increased comfort. Belly bands are also a popular option, especially to help with lower back pain as the belly size increases. Compression wear is also wonderfully useful after baby arrives when your body is healing. It helps the healing process go quicker, and provides comfort to sore muscles that just delivered a baby. 
  3. Healthy Diet: Morning sickness is often the most common sign of pregnancy, nearly a rite of passage. What is left out is how severe morning sickness can be. The abrupt change in hormone levels can cause the expecting mom to feel very off from her traditional favorites and make it challenging to get any food to settle. This can lead to rapid weight loss during pregnancy if severe enough. While this kind of morning sickness usually tapers off after the first trimester, overeating, or eating the wrong foods, are also notable problems. Moms to only require about 300-500 extra calories each day. The adage “eating for two” is technically correct, but it is not necessary to consume double your calorie intake. In keeping the eating for two in mind, try to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. Your energy levels and developing baby will thank you. Processed and unhealthy foods will often cause you to be more tired than you already are, and will usually cause you to be hungry again just a short time later. 
  4. Sleep: Headaches and lethargy can be common pregnancy conditions. Sometimes these are attributed to changing hormones, but also, its hard to get enough rest during pregnancy. If a good night of sleep is essential for the general public, it is doubly so during pregnancy. Growing a human is hard and requires lots of energy. It is far easier to put your best foot forward if you get yourself into a bedtime routine and at least attempt to get a fixed amount of sleep each night. This is will also be useful as it becomes more difficult to sleep, and especially so once the baby arrives. Best to stock up while you can!

Whether part of the visible changes like an expanding belly or internal like the emotional upheaval caused by hormone levels rapidly shifting, pregnancy causes a lot of conditions. Many of the changes do not have just to be suffered through, by taking advantage of some simple and natural cures. Taking care of yourself with a healthy diet and plenty of rest, as well as seeking out help from maternity products like compression wear can make the experience more fully enjoyable.


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