Eight Ways To Take Care Of You And Your Baby While Pregnant

March 22, 2022

Parents do everything they can to take care of their children after they are born. While it is essential to provide the best possible care to your child after birth, it is equally important to look after the baby before birth as it grows in a mother’s tummy.

Several instructions are given to the expectant mother on how to best care for the growing fetus. But it all does not have to be so complicated. You can ensure the best possible health for you and your child by following a few simple steps.

Keep reading to know eight ways to take care of yourself and your baby while pregnant!

Looking after your child while pregnant is called prenatal care. From the food you eat to the way you sleep, everything can have a positive or negative effect on the health of a pregnant woman. One thing you must remember is to make sure you always consult your doctor first, even if it is just a simple diet change.

With that out of the way, let us find out some natural, routine ways you can care for yourself and the baby while expecting.

  1. Take A Healthy Diet

You do not have to eat extra in pregnancy, nor do you need to avoid all the snacking. Moderation is the key. Eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet based on eggs, properly cooked meat, lots of fruits, and vegetables. You may snack on biscuits, chips, fries, and burgers once in a while, but most of your diet should be based on healthy food.

Listen to your body and take cues. If eating something makes you nauseous even if it is healthy food, stop taking it and consult your doctor. It is better if you avoid half-cooked or raw food and wash every vegetable and fruit thoroughly before eating, so you do not run the risk of food poisoning.

  1. Schedule Regular Checkups

Make sure to schedule regular checkup sessions with your doctor. You need to keep an eye out for potential problems with the pregnancy through ultrasound scans. Early pregnancy scans can detect any deformities with the fetus or potential complications, and they can be dealt with in time. You will be better prepared mentally and physically if you know what is going on inside your body.

Do not take any over-the-counter medications when you are pregnant. Make sure to run them by your doctor beforehand if you must use them. Even a simple headache medicine should not be used without consulting a doctor. Vitamins are sometimes prescribed by the doctor. If no vitamins are given to you, ask your doctor if you should take them.

  1. Keep It Moving

Most expectant mothers would believe that they need to sit still to keep the baby safe and not even think about moving, let alone doing proper exercise. This could not be further from the truth. Mobility can not only keep your mood refreshed but also help ease the pain of pregnancy. It can reduce overall stress, control weight, and help you sleep better as well.

There are several safe exercises and activities you can do while pregnant that will keep you on your feet for enough time. Yoga, swimming, walking, and more light exercises are great for pregnant women. You can also join aerobics classes held specifically for pregnant women. Breaking a bit of sweat is a great booster for health.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

In pregnancy, you may feel the need to urinate more often, which can lead to lessening your water intake. However, not staying hydrated can cause issues during pregnancy. You must set reminders and take breaks to sit down and drink water. It will help you with nausea and dizziness. Make sure to take at least 6-8 glasses of water in a day.

  1. Rest And Sleep

Sleeping and resting are essential to keep you steady during pregnancy. You should make sure to get a full night’s sleep, which can sometimes be difficult due to health issues. If you are unable to complete your sleep cycle at night, take a long nap during the day, but do ensure that you are well-rested.

Other than sleeping well, resting and relaxing is very important. Just lay down on a sofa or in a comfy chair, eat fruit, and watch TV. You can go to a massage parlor or spa for a peaceful time. Staying calm and relaxed can significantly improve the journey of your pregnancy.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is harmful to both adults and children, especially to unborn babies. Smoke can prove fatal as well. Smoking during pregnancy has been known to cause premature birth, the sudden death of the infant, miscarriage, and more health issues.

It is better if you quit smoking while you are planning to conceive, so you do not have to deal with sudden symptoms of quitting.

  1. Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to support your bladder, uterus, and bowels. It can make the delivery process easier and prevent issues with incontinence during and after pregnancy. The best part is that you do not even have to get up to do these exercises. This simple exercise can be done anywhere — sitting in a car, standing, or even laying down on the bed.

All you have to do is squeeze the pelvic muscles such as when you stop urination. Hold tightly for three seconds and then relax the muscles. Repeat this 10 times, and you are done.

  1. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Staying clean and washing up properly is essential for your and your baby’s health. Make sure to keep a sanitizer with you at all times and wash your hands often when you are at home. This will keep the germs at bay.

Other than washing hands, do not procrastinate on staying fresh and clean. Good hygiene can not only have a positive impact on your physical health but also your mental wellbeing.


Make sure to eat and drink well, exercise, and take a good night’s sleep before and after your pregnancy. A healthy body will help you in carrying, delivering, and caring for the baby better as you pass through different stages of motherhood.

Remember that when a baby is inside you, its health is linked to the health of the mother. So, take proper care of yourself. Share any tips you have for expectant mothers to look after themselves well.

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