Creating Comic Book Collections: What You Need To Know

June 9, 2018

Comic books have been in existence as popular sources of entertainment for centuries. Although, they are typically associated with the middle of the 20th Century, comics actually date back to the 19th Century. Comics were the beginning of popular characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman and boosted the fame of various celebrities and cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

The imagination of young people around the world has been captured by transformations into superheroes, educated them by adapting classic literature and paved the way for growing up with tales of the advantages of teen favorites like Archie and his friends and stories of young romance.

Reasons For Collecting Comics

Comics have given many readers fond memories and several people save comic books, collect others and in some instances, building possibly valuable and substantial collections that the can eventually sell. Buying a comic or collection of comic books involves actually understanding the purpose of collecting comics.

While there are many stories of how certain comic book writing fetch high prices the reality is that not everyone is interested in collecting comics for the potential they have to increase in value over time. People collect comics for various reasons, which include the following:

  • Investment

Rare and old back issue comics may appreciate significantly in value, especially if they feature a well-known character like Batman or Superman. The value of the comic book is also determined by its condition. Click here for Quality Comix.

  • Cultural and Historical significance

A person who collects comics for cultural significance is usually drawn to books from certain eras, characters that were previously popular and enduring characters that have remained relevant over the years.

  • Favorite Publishers

Collectors may prefer the comics of particular publishers rather than others. Marvel and DC are the largest comic publishers and each of them has numerous fans. On the other hand, some collectors opt for smaller publishers.

  • Favorite Genre

Although several comic book collectors prefer superhero comics, others like science fiction comic books, while others are more interested in romance titles, historical adventures and horror comics.

  • Favorite Characters

Several collectors collect comics for relatable characters, in terms of aspects such as morality or range of powers. Some collectors are fond of supporting characters that have featured in their own comics. Collectors usually become fond of characters that have numerous recent appearances and collect proper appearances and make comparisons between earlier and recent appearances. This provides insight into the character’s evolution over the years.

  • Favorite Writers

Writers of popular comic adventures create characters and heroes that people become familiar with and can relate to in different ways.

  • Favorite Artists

Comics are visual and most collectors and readers are drawn to the variety of styles that render the characters inside them. Some are intrigued by cartoon adaptations of characters while others are drawn to realism and surrealism.

  • Diverse Interests

Fans of certain characters may collect comics that feature them in as well as related merchandise as well as comic books that contain adaptations of their favorite characters.

  • Scope of Collections

A person who has been collecting books for a while is likely to have an extensive collection of issues while someone who began recently may have fewer issues and titles.

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