Top Ten Travel Photography Ideas

June 9, 2018

Do you collect travel photography along with other souvenirs? Do you shoot the most fantastic places, unique strangers, landscape, architecture all over the world? If the answer is ‘yes’, follow these ten vacation photography tips and make more people join your travel blog or Instagram:

Idea 1: Choose Right Time

The key to good shots is your early wake-up. Yes, you would like to sleep on vacation, but at the beginning of the day it is so much more interesting. The streets of even large cities are still free from crowds of tourists. Watching as the city wakes up is a special pleasure: everything is clean and fresh, there are no fuss and noise. And you have the opportunity to take images of everything you want without hurrying.

There are some certain times of the day when your shots can look fantastic. Taking photos early and late is an interesting experience, you can receive soft natural light. Between 1-3PM when the sun is in its the peak and the daylight is very harsh, your images will have too strong shadows that can ruin your portrait photos. Instead, you may take photos when the sun is lower to make them soft. The most successful time is taking photos just after sun rise or before the sunset, which is called ’’Golden Hour” or “Blue Moon Hour’’ as the light looks very naturally and not so vivid. The shots look soft and warm. Read about photo backdrops.

 Idea 2: Show Your Stuff

The next cute vacation picture idea is putting your stuff on a public display. Here comes our favorite and trendy flat lay shooting, when you put your things on the surface (white, black, colored, textured, etc.) and take a photo from above. You can put your glasses, hat, cocktail, or other knick-knacks. Believe your viewers will definitely appreciate it. Do not be afraid to show everything unusual you have — mind the color pallet and do not overdo with the number of things. Too much small things may make your photo unattractive.

Idea 3: Take Photos During Rain Or Gloomy Weather

Gloomy weather can disappoint some tourists, but not you. You have a great chance to create unique photos. Clouds always give light colors and make shadows softer. A lot of people are afraid to take camera with them during the rain, but it is in vain. Rainy shots are wonderful and moody. You may take photos of people walking with their umbrellas along the streets or take a photo of rain drops on the window or other surfaces or just take a photo of wet exotic flowers. Besides, you make take the photo of yourself walking along rainy roads. Gloomy weather means poor lighting, so mindcolor correction, do it you own in Lightroom or if you want really outstanding examples with natural HDR and saturation adjustment, address online photo color correction services.

 Idea 4: Take A Small Tripod With You

The professional photographers almost always use tripods; necessary photographic accessories to prevent camera from movement and reduce camera shake. It is great for long exposure photography, especially made at night: city lights, landscapes, fire, etc.

 Idea 5: Photo Editing

Every travel blogger and photographer should have his/her personal photographicstyle, so you need to design it and follow while editing all your travel images. You cannot achieve the results of the highest quality without using Photoshop or Lightroom. You can choose a convenient way to do this if you are not a specialist in photo editing: Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, or online photo editing service like

 Idea 6: Night Photography

The next amazing travel photography idea is shooting at night. This time of the day always enhances your photo shoots and gives a mysterious atmosphere of fairytale. It is not easy to shoot at night, but the results are worthy. You must have necessary equipment and know some basic rules of shooting at night: camera settings, exposure, lighting, using flashes.

 Idea 7: Black And White Photography

Black and white photography is a must-try way every photographer to use for creative travel photography. It is one of the easiest and timeless ideas to make the photos fantastic.

 Idea 8: Make Sure Your Lens Is Clean

Not always people can notice some defects while shooting, especially during traveling. But when they return home and find spots in the photos while looking them through on the computer, they feel dissatisfied. The main reason of it is a dirty lens. You should always take a small cleaning kit with you to prevent such cases. Remember: prevention is better than correction every photo in Photoshop.

 Idea 9: Follow One Photographic Style

Travel around the world, publish numerous photographs, but still remain invisible? If you want people look at just one photo and understand that it is your work, create your own travel photography style. It is simple, choose your “pose” and make it on the background of all beautiful places or attractions. Or you can choose the theme, like matte, pastel, light and airy, or black and white.

 Idea 10: Shoot New Friends

While traveling, there are always new acquaintances and we often miss the moment to take a picture with them. But you can not do this, you will probably never see each other again, and the photo will be the best memory of the meeting. Such photos can be done on the phone too. No matter what quality the photo has, the main thing is the fact itself.

Do not press the shutter on your camera thoughtlessly. Imagine that you are creating a photo-story about your journey. Think about what your trip consists of: an airport or train station, an airplane or a train cabin, a car, and then settling in, eating, walking and meeting new people. And remember, moments are important, details are important. Every destination has its own culture, landscapes, feelings, and memories. So, having used these vacation picture ideas, you will be able to create unsurpassed up-to-the-minute photographs which will raise your followers’ number.

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