A First-Time Visitor’s Guide To Singapore

June 14, 2018

This island state in Southeast Asia is a fabulous destination for travel enthusiasts thanks to its significantly advanced infrastructure, finger-licking dishes, excellent places to visit, and rich culture drawn from its multicultural population. You will savour each moment of your stay in this great city-state, but you will first need to obtain your documents. For all the Singapore immigration information that you may need, it is advised that you use the services of the experts in the field, as they will handle all for you. As a first-time visitor to the island state, here is some information that could be of use:

The things to pack for your Singapore trip

Singapore has high temperatures and is humid for most of the year, with fairly infrequent winds. If you are from a country with a colder climate, this may be a bit unusual. Air conditioners are common the country, further proving that temperatures are on the higher end.

This is why it is important to pack loose and light summer clothing for your time in the city. Also, bear in mind there are occasional monsoon rains. Smart-casual wear is generally accepted for business travel, except for official business dinners. Should you need to participate in the business meeting, you will be expected to wear more formal suits or dresses.

The budget and modes of payment during your visit

Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the official currency. You can get SGD in exchange for other currencies, travel cheques, and personal cheques in banks and other approved foreign currency exchanges . If you have a card from any major credit card provider , ATMs are all over the city-state and the cards are accepted .

As a developed country, you should expect the prices to be higher than in other destinations in Southeast Asia, thus visiting on a tight budget may be slightly more difficult You need to have a solid amount of money to sustain you during your stay, although it is not impossible to survive on a lesser budget. Remember, you will want to bring extra cash, because you will want to dine in the most romantic restaurants in Singapore.

Requirements to gain entry into Singapore

If you possess a US passport, you will be allowed into Singapore on a visitor pass. However, your passport validity at the time of entry must not be less than six months. Also, you must show proof of onward travel or return passage. To acquaint yourself with more visa conditions, check out the website of the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

Traveling to Singapore is easy due to its central location in the region and the existence of many affordable airline connections. Changi Airport is the major gateway into the country and is a key travel hub between Asia and the rest of the world.

The safety and crime control

Owing to its status as a developed country, Singapore is a very safe place and one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world. The government has put in place high-level security measures. Also, the country has some of the strictest laws relating to drugs, political activity, and more . Visitors are also not allowed to misbehave or cause public nuisance or else they could face heavy fines. Alcohol consumption is not illegal, but drinking areas are restricted.

The places to stay and transport around the city

There are plenty of hotels for every budget, although it is best to have a budget on the higher end, if you can, as prices can be quite steep. For example, Marina Bay and Orchards are home to four-star hotels. For transport around the city, there is an excellent train and bus network paid for using a card that you can top up at several points. If you decide to hire a private vehicle then check out this helpful guide to find free and cheap parking in Singapore.

The things to do in Singapore

The myriad of activities on offer is disproportionate to the nation’s small size. You can visit historic sites like The National Museum, or go for an adventure, like riding on the Singapore Flyer. You could also do nature visits to, for example, the Garden by the Bay. There are also plenty of shopping centers. You could also go to the beach or visit the islands. The list of things to do is long but your interests will guide you as to what you would like to visit.

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