How to buy the perfect notebook or journal as a gift?

June 15, 2018

What is the secret of buying a great notebook? Does it have to be expensive? Does it have to be exclusive? Does it have to be one of a kind that Shakespeare possibly endorsed in the 16th century? It turns out the best kind of journal you can buy likely comes within $10. As a matter of fact, the cheaper it is, the better the experience becomes. An affordable notebook does not come with the pressure the antique or premium ones bring. You can write what you like at any time, not worrying about the ink or the calligraphy.

While buying a notebook as a gift for a loved one, you must decide if you want this notebook to be a token of your love and affection, or if you want it to be a part of their daily lives. Hardbound, leather bound, moleskin covered, gold edge and hand-embossed notebooks can make beautiful gifts. These bear a watermark of class, elegance, and taste. However, when buying one of these, you must consider a few facts –

  • Hardcover notebooks add value to one’s journal collection. If you are gifting it to a friend, who has a hobby of collecting them, it is a smart move. However, these are hard to maintain during regular use. The challenge is somewhat similar to opting for hard-bound books in place of soft-bound ones.
  • Leather journal from is soft-bound is easier to maintain, but over time, moss and mold can grow on the cover. Regular cleaning with either DIY agents or treatment with professional-grade products is essential to preserve their newness.
  • Gold edge notebooks are expensive, elegant and they are the perfect gift for someone you respect and adore. However, are they suited for regular use? With constant use, the pages do acquire wear and tear. That can cause the ends of each page to fold or chip over the next few years. Eventually, regular use does away with the gold-edge effect.

What is the best choice for a daily notebook?

Journals, diaries, and notebooks should have simplicity. Apart from the gold edges, leather bindings and embossed covers, there are simple soft binds, spiral binds, easy-tear and customizable notebook designs you should check out. Choosing customizable designs gives you an edge over other gift-givers since you can add a personal touch to it. Every time the recipient goes to use the journal, he or she will think of you.

To make your present extra special, you should think about choosing from a range of environmentally-friendly designs that use recycled paper for crafting the unique piece. You can also go for brands that contribute a part of their proceeds for children’s welfare and other social causes. There is nothing more special than sharing the joy of caring for someone exceptional on a particular occasion.

Your gift should be one-of-a-kinds like the person and the relationship you share. Think about usability, longevity, aesthetics, value, and quality each time you make a purchase. These factors are critical for finding the perfect gift for the ideal person.

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