Five Strategies By Which Small Businesses Can Gain From SMS Marketing

June 15, 2018

SMS marketing is not history! Small-scale companies and start-ups still use and count on it. There are compelling findings in this regard. According to Portio Research, about 8 trillion text messages written annually indicate that as many as 23 billion and 16 million messages are exchanged daily and every minute respectively.

Since the 90’s until now, SMS has had a great journey. SMS is crucial because of its ubiquitous nature. It can be sent and forwarded to any device and network. No other messaging medium has this capacity till date. It is a medium that bridges the online and offline gap for customers.

There are several local and small businesses today that do not prioritize on SMS marketing. What could be the probable reason? It is the strict anti-spam laws that administer marketing tactics. Today, most American business segment is governed by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Based on this act, a penalty of an amount between $500 and $1500 is charged for any unsolicited text message that gets sent. Businesses using bulk marketing tactics will have charges running exponentially high.

Today there are rigid laws related to spam texts. Furthermore, small businesses can avoid violating any norms and also leverage SMS marketing. Let us consider this! For emails, the average open rate is anywhere between 20% and 30%. However, for SMS the open rate jumps up to 98%. This shows the potentiality of SMS as a marketing tool.

Also, recipients check their SMS within a couple of seconds from the time of receipt. It raises the chances of a favorable ROI as well. Do you want to incorporate SMS marketing tactics in your small business or start-up venture? If yes, here are five interesting ways to get started and reap the benefits:

  1. Get Familiar With The SMS Marketing Rules

Do not start off uninformed! Be aware of the regulations governing SMS marketing and adhere to the TCPA rules and guidelines. The rule of thumb in this regard is that you can share marketing messages to those recipients who have shown interest to receive such messages.

Expert email marketers forward promotional texts that in turn have signed up for free trials or download PDF’s. It is against the rule of SMS marketing. The appropriate way is to request the prospective clients to subscribe by sharing a text message using essential keywords personally.

Lead acquisition thus becomes tougher this way! However, when it is about quality, such leads have high value. They convert in a better manner. To know more on this, you can browse and visit a website that has useful content on the same.

2. Limit Your SMS Texts To 160 Characters

Sometimes businesses send lengthy SMS that to exceed 160 characters, which is against the conventional norm. And the mobile network generally divides such messages into minute parts, carrying 160 characters in each. Hence, the SMS gets limited before being delivered to the recipients. And this process does not take place effortlessly every time.

Few mobile networks break the texts abruptly, which can confuse the reader. Hence, the reader might not comprehend your marketing message accurately. It makes your marketing promotion campaign fail entirely.

As the name suggests SMS (Short Message Service), it is supposed to be short. Long messages can often deviate from the main subject. It might not deliver the marketing message in an appropriate manner which can be detrimental to the brand. Tatango is a perfect example of what to do right!

3. Timing Matters

Ever received SMS from the local eatery when you are thinking of placing an order for your favorite dish? Timing is essential in SMS marketing. The nature of SMS marketing is such that people open the message the very moment they receive it. However, it should also be kept in mind that SMS lacks a visual platform. It might result in the lower brand recall but doesn’t pose any obstacle to your marketing campaign as a whole.

Finally, the primary goal of each marketer is to be able to connect to their customers exactly when they are about to make a buying decision. Hence, while your local eatery might send in their discounts and offers during lunch, simultaneously there could be beauty salon that also aligns its messages based on customer requirements and preferences. For instance, it can share SMS’s on spa offers precisely before any festivity or holiday season.

 4. Adding Contact Details As A CTA Tool

Do you know what makes a marketing campaign successful? Undoubtedly, it is the smart call to action (CTA). SMS marketing does not have the luxury of fancy buttons and anchor links. So, what is the way to get a potential customer intrigued and interested in your product? It is to let them know the way they can have access to the same.

And the easiest ways to get it done is by adding the URL or the phone number when you end the SMS. For this, you can resort to tools that shorten the URL if you want. But ensure that your SMS content is within 160 characters. It might not appear to be the best CTA idea. But it sure is sufficient to make a prospective client respond on impulse. It will make him/her contact your company to pre-order a product or service.

5. Make Sure You Advertise The Shortcode On Every Promotional Material

Your promotional message could be excellent. However, SMS marketing still happens to be a number game. Your list size determines your campaign success. Want to know a secret that will expand your SMS marketing list almost organically?

It is by promoting the shortcodes across the other mediums such as fliers, email, and even the stickers you have in your store. Investing in shortcodes is crucial. Also when you promote your opt-in keywords, you can generate recurring purchasers for your small business.

Today, prosperous and progressive brands opt-in for SMS marketing tactics as everyone wants to count on the fast click open rates. But while resorting to SMS, small businesses should make sure that they steer clear of any spam.

Do you want to know what a well-designed SMS marketing strategy is? It is one that focuses on offering a personalized and engaging message. It lists the benefits consumers can expect from a service or a product. Simultaneously, it does not spam the inbox of the customers.

The correct strategy is all about providing the right message at the correct time. Small businesses today need to have clarity in their overall marketing strategies. It is because they have to make use of SMS to engage and acquire consumers which adds to the total brand value. Furthermore, it directs resources towards the appropriate avenues for reaching out to clients.

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