Do you want to optimize the sales funnel? SMS marketing can work!

December 26, 2022


Consumers may be interested in communicating through SMS with brands, but most businesses still need to be made aware of its potential. Sites like Forbes also consider it as a future marketing tool. If you have yet to tap into it, one reason can be your doubts about the success rate. The experts say that proper strategy can help. Here are some insights for everyone looking to experiment with this tool and make their marketing arsenal more wide-ranging.

User experience 

When you send a thought-out message to the right audience, you improve their user experience. Like any other campaign, SMS marketing also requires identifying customers and their needs for full-proof targeting. A survey reveals that 75% of the millennial population prefers SMS, and another demonstrates that 63% of the SMS recipients would like to associate with a brand that communicates through this channel. 

For further clarification, some experts analyzed the e-commerce dataset of 6000 customers to discover that 63% chose text communications. However, you must reserve your SMS campaign for the right things to make it impactful and helpful.

If you are wondering where to hire SMS marketing services or PR Services to reduce your burden, sales marketing funnel and other choices are there.

Sales goals

Marketing should contribute to the company’s growth through direct conversions or lead generation. Focusing on getting qualified leads can be more beneficial as it will optimize the sales funnel. 

Statistically, 67% of the target audience prefers texting over email and phone communication for scheduling meetings. You must look at the buyer journey to understand when you can send an SMS. Search for low-hanging fruits for immediate impact.  

Lead qualification and intent to buy

If a business agrees to have a meeting, it’s a positive sign. So, when you qualify leads, you can use this as a metric. Sales teams can also be eager to latch on to that appointment. Simultaneously, you can also account for how many meetings you scheduled through an SMS campaign and attach a value to it to track its effect on sales. Having zero leads or meetings by the middle of the month is a matter of concern for any sales team. More meetings indicate healthy pipeline numbers and potential for revenue growth. 

Conversion optimization

Getting an appointment is also a conversion, which a salesperson can optimize to make more sales. It will directly impact revenue and the sales funnel. A study on 2300 e-commerce leads obtained through SMS campaigns showed 72% more chances of conversion. It proves that sending SMS marketing at this touch point can prove lucrative. 

If you evaluate the effectiveness of SMS campaigns, you will realize they offer higher engagement, more appointments, and increased conversion rates. It can be a good marketing tool for any marketing and sales endeavors. Use platforms that provide an integrated experience by bringing all marketing components under one shade. 

You can manage and run your campaigns peacefully and well. Plus, it will be easy to track success. You can also get some more support you may not have imagined. Nevertheless, SMS communications work, and multiple studies have hinted at this. So, use the opportunity.

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