Gift Ideas For All Personality Types

June 26, 2018

Finding the perfect gift for someone you love and care about is never an easy experience. For most of us, searching for a gift, whether it be for a birthday, for Christmas or because your best friend is getting married, can leave us stressed and nervous. While true friends and family members will be thankful for the thought behind the present more than the actual gift itself, all of us what to buy them something they will thoroughly enjoy. Therefore, if you are seeking the perfect gift but need inspiration, consider the following gift-giving guide:

For The Joker: Humorous Gifts

Gift-giving does not have to be a serious affair, as many people love a little humor from their present, especially if when they are hitting more significant birthday milestones. Buying a personalized option gives you the chance to create something unique and funny for the occasion, which will be appreciated by your loved one. This gift could be a wine glass that fits a whole bottle of wine, a mug with a funny quote, or even a voodoo doll could have the recipient in hysterics.

The Bride-to-Be: Bridal Party Ideas

If you have been taskedwith turning someone’s bachelorette event into something extraordinary, getting cheap custom t shirts printed for the occasion is a perfect idea. This personalized gift can be unique to the bridal party, plus they can include images and wording specific to the bride or groom. For example, if the group have nicknames for one another, you could have these printed on the back of them. Plus, these custom tees can be keptfor many years to come, a souvenir to look back on when the bride and groom are celebrating their ruby anniversary.

The Sportsman: Sporting Equipment

Playing a sport can be a costly affair, so if you know someone who is into their football or soccer, you could help support their sporting passion. Buy them new trainers, a new football, or even tickets to the latest game they are eager to see. If they like to keep track of their fitness progress, then a Fitbit is also a great idea. Sports equipment can be expensive, so if your sporting-star needs something that is too much for you to buy alone, split the gift with other friends or another family member.

For The Wildly Imaginative Hobbyist/Cosplayer: Clothing Inspired By The Medieval Or Renaissance Era

Those who are interested in cosplay or in live-action role-playing (LARP) like the immersive nature of such activities. During these times, they can play different roles, take on quirky personalities, and forget about the mundane things of everyday life. A major component of cosplay and LARP is the costume. For any character to be convincingly portrayed, details like the historical accuracy of the clothes and accessories will matter. That is why giving your friend fancy, period-appropriate garments like cloaks, robes, and capes is a great idea, one that will have them thanking you for a long time.

The Traveler: Plane Tickets Or A New Suitcase

Those with a passion to see the world usually are not fussed with materialistic belongings. All they need is a backpack if they are eco-friendly you can even go for a hemp backpack from 8000kicks, a few pairs of clothing, and a plane ticket to somewhere exotic. Of course, plane tickets are expensive, so you and other friends can buy them a ticket to somewhere, or alternatively, the both of you can go on a mini-adventure together. Other gift ideas include a new suitcase or backpack, a passport cover, or a scratch map so that they can keep track of their adventures.

Although, finding the perfect present can be difficult and cause the best of us to become stressed, remember that true friends will always enjoy whatever you gift them. If you are worried, then always start shopping for presents way in advance.

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