Diving in the Islands of Malta and Gozo

June 27, 2018

Malta is a fascinating holiday destination for thousands of tourists who come to the island in search of incredible diving spots and mesmerizing locations. It is known for its wreck-diving with a unique blend of genuine shipwrecks resulting from past wars. Moreover, there are also maritime mishaps present to attract tourists. Undeniably, an impressive fleet of attractions ranks Malta as one of the world’s top European destinations for



Malta is just 27 km long and 15 km wide. Gozo is even smaller and Comino is calculated to be approximately 500 paces in circumference. But don’t underestimate the size of these places because it is guaranteed you will have the time of your life. The adventures, fun, and excitement in Malta are endless.

A small island surrounded by its two big neighbors, Comino exhibits a unique country charm with beautiful and thrilling diving sites. Blue Lagoon is sheltered, which makes it the perfect nursery for a broad range and variety of sea-life.

Why is it Famous?

Malta is loved by scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts that look out for memorable experiences. The island offers lively festivities and a variety of cuisines with fine beaches for you to enjoy.

For centuries, Malta’s geographic position was beneficial for both military and trading pursuits. However, the Maltese Islands have now become more popular for diving and tourism.

Thanks to a large number of diving centers in Malta, divers come from the entire world come to the islands to explore the crystal clear the Mediterranean Sea. There are several caves, wrecks, and reefs that you will love to explore if you like diving and snorkeling.

Diving and Snorkeling in Malta

Malta has the just the right water temperature for an ideal dive and the corals grow beautifully. The coral reefs in Gozo are probably some of the few remaining ones globally that are not affected by human life. That makes one wonder just how magnificent and serene the landscape must be.

Several establishments have customized diving packages for diving in Gozo all year round. The PADI Diving Centre in Malta has officially licensed members who conduct PADI training. Divers can opt for their favorite locations, which comprise magnificent underwater caves, coral reefs, and wrecks.

The best thing about diving in Gozo is that it caters to all kinds of divers including amateurs, professionals or first-timers. The shallow areas offer great opportunities for novices while still enjoying the captivating underwater beauty of Gozo.

A major part of the Maltese Islands is made of granite strata, limestone rock, and clay. The islands are hilly but there are no mountains. Underwater, the seabed is marked by caves, reefs, and rocks that have become extremely popular dive sites.

Some of the best diving spots in Malta include:

Slugs Bay

This is an amazing diving area for drivers who look forward also encountering marine life. This area is prominent for dark-brown sea slugs from where it took its name. The bay is unspoiled by humans, which grants a more gratifying diving experience.

The Blue Hole and the Azure Window

This is a stunning diving spot to explore underwater life. It is located below Dwejra Point and the rock formations have been taken their shape by the waves and wind. Some are man-made steps that lead the way to Blue Hole, which is just about a meter above sea level.

Unfortunately, The Azure Window collapsed on the 08th of March 2017. The area where these massive rocks from this iconic sea arch lie, are now being enjoyed by scuba divers.  The swim-throughs in that area are great for attracting all levels of diving enthusiasts to test their skills in Gozo.

Marfa Point

The doorway to Marfa Point is shallow, which means it is a good place for amateurs and beginners. This is a good area for both beginners and novices. If you are an experienced diver, then you can choose it for a pre-diving session.

Anchor Bay

Not only it is an exceptions diving location, Anchor Bay in Mellieha is known for Popeye Village, where the adaptation of Popeye the movie took place. The bay water is calm. There is a large cave that is just off the bay. Divers re-emerge in the cave to take photos of the ceiling that covered with alluring red algae.

All diving sites lie close to each other. This is why diving enthusiasts and tourists find it easier to explore them within a short time than other destinations. Malta offers some of the most memorable diving experiences to all travelers who cannot plan an expensive trip.

Diving Facilities in Malta

There are several diving centers in Gozo, Comino, and Malta which offer exciting diving including PADI rescuer and PADI advanced courses.

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