Tips To Dress Correctly According To Your Figure

June 28, 2018

We are going to tell you how to choose the clothes that best suits you. Has it happened to you that you loved a dress you saw in the showcase and when putting it on it did not fit you as you expected before? Surely, and that is what happens when you choose an inappropriate garment for your body type. How to dress according to the shape of your body:

1. Hourglass body: How is it? Known as the ideal body, because it maintains the harmony between the upper half and the lower half, with a very marked waist.

How to dress?

We recommend, for the hourglass body, choosing clothes in which the waist is marked.

  • Do not use very large prints.
  • Wear a V-neck, but do not abuse the necklines
  • Dress a blouse with sleeves and pants with a wide waistband to mark your waist.
  • If you are wearing prints, wear single-colored earrings. Zaful has provided so many options for you like Striped Ruffle Hem Romper, a summer fashion with an interesting vertical stripe pattern.

2. Rectangular body: How is it? It is characterized by having little chest and hip and the whole body is relatively flat.

How to dress?

Choosing garments in cut A will visually make you mark the waist. If you wear straight dresses, you may need to incorporate a strap.

  • You can choose a body shaping corset to enhance the bust and combine it with a nice necklace.
  • Choose whole colored garments for the lower area, since you will look taller. Avoid cuts of color in the lower part because it will look smaller. Smocked Tie Front Cami Dress by Zaful would be good as it provides a full-colored appearance.

3. Pear body: How is it? The hips are wider than the shoulders and the waist is very well defined. Latina women are known for having this figure.

How to dress?

Use beautiful and elegant accessories (like pearls) on the neck to balance the figure. By drawing attention to the neck, then you can “hide” a wide impression on your hip area.

  • Avoid marking the hip area. A good option is the maxi dresses, in which you can highlight your bust with a beautiful neckline, but without looking vulgar.
  • Avoid the bags next to your hip because you will emphasize the width of that area.

4. Apple or round body: How is it? It has curves, without waist and probably with volume in the abdominal area.

For this figure, we recommend you to use a good girdle when wearing a dress. Also, attention should be focused on the makeup and you should mark the most beautiful features on your face and use some beautiful accessories. The ideal one is to concentrate the attention where it is needed.

  • To note, the role of color patterns determines the final outcome of your efforts (in beautifying yourself). There are some neutral patterns that their application does not change your appearance drastically. For example, polka dot patterns can be applied to various body shapes and for more information, you are advised to find out here.
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