A Brief Insight At The Lego Conventions And Its Popularity

July 10, 2018

If you are looking for an engaging and exciting amusement then lego retiring soon sets are the best option available. Yes, you have heard it correct as Lego is no more ‘Just for kids’ but is a favorite choice for the speed building competitors as well along with the older fans of toys.

These tiny toy bricks are what enthusiasts flock for who are not only young but also those who are young at heart. Its popularity all over the world is reflected in the stats and figures of sales report that shows it has quadrupled within the last decade. Its popularity can also be felt through the many unofficial Lego conventions made across the world. Speed building, brick talk or drinking games, such conventions are loved and favored by all adult fans.

Marks Of Popularity

The popularity of Lego has been ever growing all over the world, and there are several conventions held every year in multiple places.

  • The brick world is one of the largest conventions attracting thousands of Lego builders apart from the general public attending the convention that numbers in tens of thousands.
  • Brick Fete is another that too has a relatively high number of attendees as well that will celebrate its fifth anniversary this July.
  • Lego has become a hobby of the adults as it is free from persecution and this is growing every year since its launch.

Conventions are held in US, Canada, Ottawa, and Montreal and have also extended its presence in the more significant areas of Ontario as well.

The Unprecedented Results

The results of the Lego building bricks are unprecedented, and it was undoubtedly not intended by the group initially.

There are several buyers of these bricks but irrespective of this fact the company has taken over and even surpassed the sales figures of some of the most popular toy brands of yesteryears such as the Barbie dolls.

The incredible results and its consistent rise have enabled Lego to be honored as the most powerful brand in the world by the most prestigious Brand Finance. This shows that Lego is in no way ‘retiring soon.’

New Trends Set

The company is even set to expand its business area and is launching careers as well. This will give a chance to the Lego enthusiast to turn into a professional and make a prospective and lucrative livelihood. The stud and tube coupled bricks available in different attractive colors will build up the future of these aspiring enthusiasts just like the blocks will build their imagination and unique creation.

People can now be a Lego master builder and along with it can run building models for commissions and Lego corporate workshops taking help of the Lego Land Discovery Centre in Toronto.

A Great Investment

Therefore Lego products are a significant investment as a collector set. Few people even go as far as to compare it with and keep it one notch higher than investing money on buying stocks. The popular bricks and mini figures are indestructible and attractive.

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