Yar Sign Regulations And Amendment Rights To Know

July 10, 2018

Before you start preparing to think on the lines of putting up yard sign stakes, it is crucial that you know about your first amendment rights for lawn signs. You must first know whether a sign is legal or illegal before putting it up. Such laws may vary a bit from state to state, but the basic features and regulations remain the same everywhere.

Ideally, for any sale sign, the law will allow one sign at the premises for sale. It also specifies that there will not be more than three signs giving the directions of sale. There may be specification and limits of the size of the signs as well.

Removing The Signs

Some specific laws are there for the removal of the sign from the premises as well. This law may vary on the user as well as on the purpose and type of premises. For example, after completion of the sale transaction of small residential property, the sign must be removed immediately usually within 24 hours after the sale is made.

However, for the real estate, the sign must be removed within seven days after the property is sold, leased or rented, as the case may be.

A household or a business may hold the sign up to two sale days for each calendar month. If you use any directional signs off the premises, then it must be posted in a private premise or property after having the permission of the owner of the property.

Spaces Prohibited For Such Signs

You cannot put up your signs anywhere and everywhere you feel like. The law limits the outlines of such signs. Places that are prohibited include:

  • On utility poles and street signs
  • On traffic signs and guy wires
  • On buildings, walls or fences
  • On trees and shrubs

You are also prohibited from putting up any sign on any public property or highway, in the right of way of any street, railway or interstate, and it may even extend much more beyond the edge of pavement on any road. Provided you have taken the permission of the property owner to put up your sign, a setback of eight feet is required from the sidewalk or pavement.

Legal An Illegal Factor

Similar regulations are also designed for rent, sale or lease signs. It is also applicable to the lost and found notices, directions to any private event, birthday greetings, ads and balloons, and ribbons.

The authority has the right to remove any sign that is illegal or legally located and do not require any permits for that. Even lawful signs that exceed three will be removed, and all these confiscated signs will be disposed of without notifying the owners.

The Illegal Yard Signs

All improperly placed yard signs are illegal as these can become a nuisance. Signs placed on public rights-of-way, not following the codes and regulations, posted without permission are all illegal. It is important that you check out the local ordinances well before you put up a sign to get the desired mileage.

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