Beautiful looks and enhanced self-esteem – the best that you can expect from cosmetic enhancement

July 16, 2018

Women are inclined to make themselves look more attractive and do not mind going through the procedures of cosmetic enhancement to improve their looks. How you look matters a lot in life not only for impressing your romantic partner but also for getting ahead in life especially for those pursuing a career. How you feel about yourself gives you the confidence to move forward in life. If you are not comfortable with any aspect of your appearance, say the eyebrows, jawline or the nose, it could result in making you feel insecure. You might start feeling that your looks could be a reason for others rejecting you or not taking you seriously.  Obese people suffer from low self-esteem as they always fear rejection. 

People, who feel insecure about their appearance, can choose cosmetic surgery that can help to correct any flaws in their looks and help to regain self-confidence.  The sense of insecurity could be a result of an inferiority complex or inflicted by the way others look at the person. Indeed, these are not the only reasons for trying to improve looks. Some people do not like some particular body feature that they feel is hampering their looks and their personality, and look for options for improving it. Again, there is the lure of remaining youthful for a longer period of time by defying the process of aging that drives people towards surgical procedures for cosmetic improvements.

The lure of cosmetic enhancement

There is no denying that humans are narcissists – they love themselves the most. We all look at the mirror whenever there is an opportunity, to see how we look. Most of us are concerned about our appearance which often has a relation to the way society looks upon us. Often, social pressures are the reasons that create complexities in mind about how one looks and makes them think about ways of looking better and beautiful. Many women are trying to become more attractive by enhancing their appearance and keep scrutinizing their body features to identify what improvements might be necessary.

The popularity of cosmetic enhancement is on the rise, as would be evident from a survey conducted among a group of women in Norway. Almost half of the women who participated in the study were ready to take up cosmetic enhancement, among which nearly 3.5 percent of women have already gone through the procedure.

Good looks make you feel happy and confident

The most important tip for happy living is that you must be comfortable with your looks. You have to love your body and the way you look so that you are very confident about yourself and present your best side to the world. Another important consideration is how you can build your personality around your appearance. Moreover, you have to learn to accept the reality that often limits your appearance. You cannot drastically change your looks, but undoubtedly you can improve some aspects that can present a new image of your personality. It would give you the satisfaction of being at your personal best by undergoing some cosmetic procedures that conform to some medical grade.

Be convinced about the reasons

Before you decide to undergo any cosmetic enhancement, you should be very clear about your objectives and confident about the reasons. Think carefully about what motivates you to go for the procedure – is it because you want to please someone or you have an innate desire to improve your features that fulfill your desire to look beautiful and impress others.  How long you have been contemplating the change and how intense the desire is, are essential things to consider.  Above all, know your expectations and understand how realistic it would be to pursue your dream by consulting with a cosmetic professional.

Fixing the beauty problems of the face

Cosmetic enhancement encompasses various medical disciplines. From dermatologists to plastic surgeons and dentists, all are involved in the process depending on which part of the body needs beautification. The face is the most dominant body part that experiences the majority of cosmetic improvement procedures even though the stomach, buttocks and even the breasts might need corrections. Following the current trends in cosmetic enhancement, you would also come across methods related to vaginal enhancements and anal bleaching.

Rejuvenating the face is the top choice among women across the world who wants to go under the knife or needle prick for maintaining ageless looks. Getting rid of fat is the next most popular trend in the US. The face features most prominently when judging how beautiful someone looks and it is quite natural that women are keen to pay maximum attention to it.  As you start aging and are in your 30s, fine lines start appearing on the face that could impair the looks and need eradication through some non-invasive procedures. Keeping the skin rejuvenated helps to keep wrinkles at bay. Most facial treatments are a non-invasive type except for a nose job and breast modifications that involve reconstruction.

Minimally invasive procedures

  • Botox – Using Botox injections on the face is a popular cosmetic procedure that is primarily used to fight age and helps to maintain tight skin without any wrinkles.
  • Soft tissue fillers – For those wanting to give a fuller appearance to lips and face, injecting soft tissue fillers into the skin has been found to be quite compelling.
  • Laser hair removal – Unwanted facial hair is a concern for many women who can look for a permanent solution by using laser hair removal procedures.
  • Chemical peels – For a young-looking face that removes wrinkles, applying a chemical solution on the face is an accepted practice.
  • Microdermabrasion–This procedure is related to improving the complexion of your skin by using an instrument that sands the skin gently.
  • Microblading – Shaping eyebrows is an essential procedure that almost every woman likes and microblading helps to create the perfect shape and size of eyebrows that can redefine the looks.

What is microblading?

The face comes alive with well defined and shapely eyebrows that are essential for making people look beautiful. A pair of groomed aswell-designed eyebrows can transform your face to create an identity that is attractive and resonates with the cheerfulness of youth. Carefully crafted eyebrows can define your personality in a new way and enhance the facial appeal.

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure known as semi-permanent makeup. Often, women have sparse eyebrows that appear very faint, and it becomes necessary to make them look thick and full. The procedure is also useful for those who might have lost their eyebrow hair due to medical conditions like cancer, hypothyroidism and alopecia; clients can get a fresh pair of eyebrows of the shape and thickness they like.

The procedure of Calgary Microblading also known as Eyebrow Tattooing, Feather Stroking or Brow Embroidery, is a kind of artistic makeover that comprises drawing the hair manually with  strokes of the hand into the eyebrows. The makeup artist then implants the pigment into the top surface layer of the skin that can last between 1 to 3 years. This procedure is not suitable for oily skin, as with time the hair strokes overlap each other and the eyebrows looses it’s distinct hair stroke appeal.

Is it right for you?

If you have oily skin, microblading is not for you. However, if you are allergic to makeup, do not have time for it or struggle while doing it then microblading would suit you fine. Since it is a semi-permanent makeup, you would have the satisfaction of having it on always even when you leave the bed in the morning. If you are facing the problem of thinning eyebrows and want to fix it, then the procedure will give you back thick and well-defined eyebrows that could light up your face. Lastly, if you have lost all eyebrow hair, microblading is the only solution to have a replaced set of eyebrows.

The benefits of microblading

Microblading has become popular because eyebrows define the face and give structure. The experts at the beauty clinics know how to use techniques to recreate eyebrows that replicate God’s creation the closest. Although the eyebrows are artificial, there is no fear of distortion or smudging due to water exposure or sweating as eyebrows remain unaffected by it.

Microblading gives immediate results as it takes only a few hours, usually 2-3 hours, to complete the procedure. The effects are direct, and the process is quick and painless without any side effects. Unless you disclose that you have undergone the procedure, it will not be possible for others to make it out, if done well.

Cosmetic enhancement procedures will make you feel as if you are re-born as you emerge with an entirely new look. Your self-confidence gets a boost as you are ready to take on the world to make a place of your own that compels others to turn their heads.

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