Renting A Folding Bicycle For Instant Portability At Its Best

July 16, 2018

One of the latest options in this field of bicycle renting is a foldable bicycle. It is relatively new in the market and designed to address people’s portability to a great extent. As understood from the name itself, the main aim of foldable bikes is to help people carry it with them whenever they are traveling. You don’t have to buy these bikes as some companies are offering these options on rent. But even before investing money on rental values, make sure to get some clear ideas on this type of bicycles available online.

Basics about folding bicycles:

A folding bicycle is mainly designed to fold into a compact form, which in turn, facilitates storage and transport. Whenever the bikes are folded, it can easily be carried around into buildings and even on public transportations. Furthermore, if you have a compact living space, then these bikes can easily be stored within smaller spaces.

The folding mechanism of these bikes is subject to vary with each one offering a distinct form of folding speed, ease, ride, compactness, durability weight and price. The complexities of folding mechanism help in distinguishing the folding bicycles from one another. There is a demanding form of structural requirements with specialized market appeal and a greater number of bicycle parts for this type.

These folding bikes are rather expensive when compared to the standard ones. The model choice along with cost considerations is a matter or resolving various practical requirements. Those options are compact folded size, quicker easy fold, and less compact model. As these bikes are quite expensive so most people are opting for the rental help from now.

Size of these bikes:

These folding bikes are available with wider adjustable ranges for accommodating various riders than other conventional bikes. The frames for folding bikes are more like one size fits all.” However, handlebar and seat posts stem on folders can easily extend to offer the greater range of adjustments over here.

  • While folders are designed to be bit smaller than conventional bicycles. So, the distance between the center of the bottom bracket, top of saddle and handlebars are usually the same as the conventional bike. These factors ensure if the bicycle can fit the rider well or not. The wheelbase of multiple folding designs is quite similar to any non-folding, conventional bicycles.
  • There are some manufacturers producing folding bikes as designed around folding systems. It helps them to use 26 inches wheels. Some advantages revolving around smaller wheels are potentiality for speedy rides, greater maneuverability, and quicker acceleration.
  • It provides easier storage facilities too. Bike, which comes handy with 16 inches wheels or smaller are mostly termed portable bicycles. This forgoes performance and some easy ride benefits of larger counterparts. That helps in acquiring characteristics, quite similar to the adult folding scooter.

No matter how your bike folds, the options are always easy to transport and store than any other traditional bicycle.

The methods of folding a bicycle:

It is true to state that folding methods vary a lot from one another. Depending on the type of bike you have selected, the folding methods can be a bit simpler or complex. Let’s just get right into the details.

  • Suspension system with magnet folding:

In any suspension folding mechanism, you will find a magnet connected with a rear shock absorber. It helps in not just connecting but locking back of the wheel to frame. For folding the bikes just in half, this magnet will disconnect with one movement within a second. Without any other manual help, the rear wheel will then rotate forward and makes the bike folds vertically. This mechanism will further enable the rider to roll half folded bike on the rear wheel.

  • Mid or half fold:

There are many folding frames available and those follow classic frame pattern of the bicycle’s diamond frame. But, these patterns feature hinge point, which will allow the bicycle to fold in half.  There are quick release clamps available, which will raise or lower steering and even seat columns. A similar form of swing hinge may be well combined with folding steering column. The fold designs might use larger wheels on the cycles and even the same sized ones as in non-folders. The main aim is to help users prioritize ride over some fold compactness. Some bikes which use this form of half or mid fold are Montague, Dahon, and Tern.

  • Triangle hinge:

Any disturbance in the frame can allow wheel and rear triangle to fold and flip right forward under frame tube. You can combine this kind of flip hinge with a folding front fork. The flip and swing hinges are combined together on a similar frame, which further uses folding steering column. The folding mechanisms will involve quick releases and latches, which will affect the speed of fold and unfold. Some companies even offer models, which feature cable based folding mechanism. It requires no latches or quick releases for increasing the current folding speed.

  • Vertical fold:

Here, instead of folding the bikes horizontally, it will be folded vertically. This kind of bike comprises of one or two hinges long main tube or chain and seat stays. This will help the bike to get folded vertically. This will leave the two wheels side by side and in a compact manner when compared to horizontal folded bikes.

Breakaway as other styles:

For packing into custom or standard sized suitcases, some bikes can be disassembled and then assembled after reaching the destination. It is most preferred if you are taking your bike while traveling by air. But before you do that, make sure to have a chat with experts. If it is your own bike, you have the liberty to use it in any way you want. But in case you are renting it from a rental firm, you have to take permission to disassemble the bicycle if you need to. However, there are some other variations available including torque coupling, Giatex and more.

To learn more about the folding bicycles before renting one, be sure to check out the points just mentioned. The more you research, the better option you will come up with.

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