The History Of Gotz Toys

July 30, 2018

The imagination of children makes it possible for them to play with their toys in a wide variety of ways without ever getting bored.

Teddy bears and dolls are not for cuddling only. Many children can actually pretend that the toy is their best friend whom they can spend time with the entire day. Some pretenders use a spoon to feed their doll as it was a living person. Others put a blanket over them and hush them to sleep.

You might have seen your little girl having a tea party with all the dolls. Although this may look absolutely ridiculous to an adult, it helps to improve the imagination and creativity of your child.

One popular doll manufacturer is Gotz. This German company was founded by Marianne and Franz Gotz in 1950. You can find a wide variety of Gotz toys at

To find out more about Gotz toys, let us take a look at their history:

A Brief History of Gotz Toys

After the company was founded in 1950, Papier Mache was used to make the first dolls. Every member of Marianne and Franz Gotz was involved in scaling the company to new heights. In the early years, Franz Goetz himself was responsible for selling and delivering the dolls.

Seven years later, the first rotation melding machine started manufacturing the doll parts in house. In 1985, the company had hired around 150 people in the labour workforce.

Four years later, Gotz reproduced artist dolls of Sylvia Natterer and Carin Lossnitzer. By that time, artist reproductions were known all over the world. In 1990, a production plant was set up in Budapest (Hungary).

After two years, for the first time Spiel Gut (Good Toy) Award was honored to Goetz play dolls. This meant that the experts of the company examined and tested the toy to meet the standards.

In 1994, Gotz founded a franchise retail chain in Hungary. They also got the licence for Sasha Morgenthaler dolls renewed.

Fast forward to the year 2000, the company got “unser Sandmännchen” (a licence). One year later, it got the Europe-wide licence for Harry Potter as a handmade doll. In 2004, Gotz introduced a new product known as Hannah`s World of Play, which was helpful in developing the cognitive abilities and creativity of children.

In 2011, the company presented a collection of quality hairstyling and make-up heads known as Haarwerk. Five years later new dolls were introduced with better and new face, eye, and hair combinations.

The Importance of Small World Play

Small world play helps develop the imagination and creativity of your child. Your child explores the world, while expressing his or her thoughts with the doll. Moreover, your kids can even increase their vocabulary and language skills.

To improve the independent play skills of your children, you should consider getting Gotz dolls. This will help to improve their problem solving skills and also reduce the communication gap. 

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