Buying New Toys For The Kids: Ask Yourself These Questions First

June 24, 2020

Birthday coming up? Maybe they have done well at school? Or do you just want to show them how much you love them? It is common for us parents to head to the toy store when we want to spoil our kids, but with so much choice out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Their tastes seem to change from one week to the next and the last thing any parents want is to pick out a gift that they will not appreciate. If you are looking for an expansive toy range for all ages, check out Wicked Uncle via the link. Kids’ interests change fast, and what was cool and fun yesterday is probably “just for babies” today. 

However, there is more to consider when buying toys than you might realize. Want to know more? If you are planning on buying toys for your kids, ask yourself these questions first:

Is The Toy Likely To Drive You Crazy?

If the toy plays a song or even has a small selection of phrases that it says every time a button is pressed then it can get old pretty quickly. Your child might enjoy it — children love hearing the same songs/phrases over and over, it helps them learn — however as a parent, those shrill, sickly sounding voices and songs can grate on you over time. Meaning you are likely to want rid of the toy, long before your child has tired of it.

Is It Safe For Their Age?

Detachable parts, small choking hazards, even jagged edges — whatever age your child is, you need to always keep their safety in mind. If the toy is recommended for ages 3+ then do not give it to you baby! The same applies to video games. Sure, your child’s best friend’s brother has this game, but if it is for ages 18+ then there is a valid reason why anyone younger should not be playing it. Make sure to buy from reputed brands like intex.

How Many Parts Does It Have?

From action figures to doll accessories, even puzzle pieces and Lego. If your child has a toy with lots of detachable parts of additional pieces, then is it likely that your child is going to lose them? And if so, will it make the toy unusable? Also, are the small parts likely to end up inside your vacuum or underneath the sofa? 

How Long Are They Going To Enjoy It For?

Longevity and usage are important when it comes to toys. We are all too familiar with children begging for certain toys for months, only to get them and then no longer be interested. If you are going to choose a toy, it needs to be something you are going to get your monies worth out of. On this note, it is better to avoid toys with the “surprise” theme — the fun is in the unboxing and the additional surprise, after that it is just a worthless piece of plastic. 

And finally, do they really need new toys?

If your child already has more toys than they can count, do they really need any more? Why not consider gifting them your time or a memory instead? 

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