Things To Do In Saudi Arabia With Family

June 24, 2020

Saudi Arabia is a land of diverse landscapes, colorful culture, and remarkable history. The home of Islam remains protected and sheltered from the outside world. It can indeed be exciting to discover the cities in Saudi Arabia famous for their historical landmarks, as well as modern attractions. Why not plan a trip to the interesting land and explore those countless attractions with your family? Browse Air Arabia online booking platform and plan a great itinerary for your family trip.

Here are some of the fun things to do in Saudi Arabia with family:

The Sky Bridge In Riyadh

 This is definitely a must-visit for every family as from here, one can enjoy spectacular views of the city. The Sky Bridge in Riyadh is the third tallest skyscraper in the world, and a trip through two lifts will take you to the Sky Bridge within seconds. Once you reach the sky bridge, you are sure to get awestruck by those panoramic views of Riyadh. Enjoy a great dining experience with your family and take advantage of special discounts for the kids.

Al Shallal Theme Park In Jeddah

Nothing could be better than spending some time riding roller coasters at the famous theme park of Jeddah, the Al Shallal Theme Park. This is one of the most popular and family-friendly parks in Saudi Arabia. One can enjoy gentle rides, as well as thrilling rides that are more than a hundred in number. There is a lot more to do, such as rock climbing, bowling, ice skating, and there are endless shops and restaurants for food and shopping.

Quad Biking In Red Sand Dunes

Another great activity for the family is quad biking in the desert, and the Red Sand Dunes are considered the best for such activity. This is your chance to see and experience the wild desert of Saudi Arabia. Drive on the desert and try your hand at quad biking. The right time is to go quad biking in the late afternoon and get a fantastic view of the sunset. This is an adventure your whole family will love and remember for life.

Hiking In Asir National Park

 You certainly do not expect mountains covered with juniper forests and cold weather in Saudi Arabia. Well, all you need to do is head for Asir National Park in Sarawat Valley that is famous for spectacular viewing points and parks. Enjoy camping, hiking, and paragliding with your family and come back with some great memories. Just look for Air India flight booking offers and make the most of your trip.

Feeding Animals At The Al Safi Dairy Farm

Another much loved and popular activity among children is feeding animals at the Al Safi Dairy Farm. This is the largest integrated dairy farm of the world that boasts of thousands of cows. Let your tour guide take you around the dairy farm and enjoy looking at and feeding the baby cows. Explore the machine-operated factory that produces the best quality milk.

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