Robert Trosten Discusses Effective Online Reputation Management Tips That Every Small Business Must Follow

June 24, 2020
Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten

A holistic and super-effective online reputation management stratagem would emphasize the need to monitor efforts for keeping track of all kinds of brand mentions to manage effectively negative comments and reviews on social networking platforms and create a positive brand image and narrative for establishing rapport with prospective customers. A positive and robust online reputation could help your business to stay well ahead of the competition and stand tall among the rest, capture the attention of new clients, and establish a dedicated and loyal customer base. On the other hand, your business’s negative online reputation could culminate in a decline in sales, a drop in search engine rankings, and even detrimental keyword associations.

Robert Trosten Explains Why Do Businesses Need ORM

Online Reputation Managers emerged to take care of the mess created by negative comments, bad reviews, defamation, news articles, and rumors. Online Reputation Manager is a combination of tech specialists and PR experts who keep monitoring the web looking for anything potentially damaging to your business’s reputation and thereafter, burying everything negative and layering it with everything positive and good about your business.

Online Reputation Managers are expected to counter negative information with a prompt response and effective remedial action. Robert Trosten says that a majority of the small businesses are aware of the fact that online reputation management is of pivotal importance and that is the reason why 88 percent of them are in the habit of monitoring their online reputation quarterly at the least. Let us explore some effective online reputation management strategies or tips for your small business

Robert Trosten Recommends Focusing on Consistency 

As per, businesses simply cannot underestimate the importance of consistency. The online reputation of your business cannot be established overnight. Your brand reputation could be established via consistency and a time-consuming process. If you are running your business, as usual, you must pay attention to shaping, polishing, and up-keeping its online reputation. Businesses must realize that online reputation management is a task that is never-ending. In the beginning, you could tackle online reputation management issues by 

  • Setting up Regular Google Alerts for everything relevant to the brand.
  • Staking your claim to your business on all the prominent platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, and even niche review sites.
  • Setting up accounts on social media platforms
  • Starting a blog and running it consistently.

Monitoring is Critical Says Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten

You cannot address the concerns of your clients if you cannot identify them or keep track of them. Moreover, you simply cannot make things right if you do not come across any complaints. Hence, monitoring constantly your reputation online is an effective ORM technique. Trosten recommends that you must keep track of your online reputation constantly.

Robert Trosten Recommends Use of Digital Tools 

Using cutting-edge digital tools could go a long way in effectively monitoring your brand’s overall online reputation. However, digital tools cannot be used as a substitute for human employees. That is simply because you need to understand that ORM is to a certain extent relationship management and often it necessitates personalization.


Always keep in mind the Internet is open to the public. Hence, whatever your organization and you say online, your potential and existing customers could have easy access to it. When you come across criticism or negative reviews, you must respond at once to the customer on the public platform even if you have reached him or her privately. More than 51% of all small businesses are used to responding publicly to criticism and negative comments. Follow the brilliant tips discussed above for achieving a robust online reputation for your brand or business. 

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