4 Major Tips Of Making You The Best House Sitter As A Freelancer

August 6, 2018

Most people have a source of extra income. Freelancer platforms offer a means to make an extra coin. You just need to know how to register and the rest will come into play slowly. There are many employment opportunities when freelancing. You just need to know how to brand yourself as you key in the required information. Being a house sitter is one of the jobs available. Depending on what the job entails, most people can do it. In most cases, a house sitter will always ensure that they take care of a few things around the house as they wait for the employer to come back. It’s necessary to always ensure that the employer offers you the best working conditions. This will enhance and build a lot of trust between you and your employer. Below are tips on making you the best house sitter:

  1. Profile

There are many freelancer platforms and websites where you can fill in your details. The best way to answer the questions asked on your profile is by putting yourself in the shoes of the employer. By so doing, you will be able to know what any house owner would expect from a house sitter. Sometimes you might be a solo house sitter because the employer has no family nearby. It is important to fill in all the required qualifications under your profile. If you have experience in the field, ensure you indicate how long you have been doing house sitting and what knowledge you have. This will always be an added advantage for you in case anyone wants to hire a house sitter.

  1. Arrival/ meeting

It will be difficult to meet your employer the day you are required to report on duty. In most cases, it’s advisable to meet prior to your arrival and discuss the way forward. A prior meeting will ensure that you have an idea of what the employer looks like, and what they expect of you. If at all the venue is far, then arrive one day earlier and have a formal meeting with the employer. This will help you get familiar with the environment.

  1. Contact and emergencies

As a solo house sitter, it’s necessary to have all the required contacts, and have them in one place. You can have all the relevant contacts written somewhere in the house or even in your cellphone. This is necessary in the event that you wish to inquire about anything new. Sometimes you may also need to report an emergency to the house owner. Always ask for all the required contacts. This will help build a good bond between you and the employer.

  1. Pets & Research

You need to love pets. Most house sitting jobs entail taking care of pets since the house owner is probably away for official occupational duties. Ensure that you ask about what the pet is fed, and how many times it’s fed per day. According to oxfordscholarship.com, pets depend on human beings. You also need to have adequate knowledge about the area you are going to do your house sitting. This will help you adapt accordingly.

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