Use the Best Instagram Analytics Tools with Amazing Features for Ultimate Success in 2018

August 10, 2018

Irrespective of what marketing tool or the platform you are using, it is mandatory to track your metrics. You must appreciate that the key to your business success is analyzing accurately your results. This helps immensely in tweaking your marketing strategy to get the maximum advantage from the platform.

Data is supposed to be a necessary resource for marketing. So social media marketing seems to be no different in this respect. More and more marketers are realizing the importance of utilizing the broad spectrum of vital social data points for fueling marketing campaigns. While initiating an Instagram campaign, effective data aggregation would be assisting you in making the most effective and right marketing moves.

You may consider using the effective and reliable Instagram analytics tools that help in cutting out the ‘trial & error’ method so that you could choose the best options quickly for fulfilling your business objectives and goals. The built-in analytics of Instagram is called the Insights. Instagram Insights enable companies to see which pictures are performing the best, identify the greatest fans, and know the sort of people who actually like their pictures and posts.

However, Instagram Insights are known to have certain limitations. They are just right for getting an idea of post analytics and follower demographics. However, they are not effective in breaking things down to slightest details such as the most effective and successful hashtags and they do not provide a peep into other Instagram accounts’ analytics that is important for businesses to check out as they need to keep track of their competitors.

Many people actually feel that Instagram’s native analytics app is good enough but Instagram Insights is not adequate for effective marketing campaigns. It is essential to identify new analytics tools that would be providing details that are essential for perfect decision making such as historical data, detailed data, data reporting or statistics aggregation. In this digital era, you have access to a plethora of analytics tools but some of them come at exorbitant prices. Moreover, due to the latest modifications in the Instagram API, many Instagram analytics tools do not work any longer. So we have come up with some of the best Instagram analytics tools that you could consider using in 2018. Browse through for growing online and boosting your overall social media presence.


SimplyMeasured is able to highlight the inadequacies of Instagram Insights. The platform actually offers a report for free provided you follow their Twitter account. This free report would be available to you provided you have an Instagram account with less than 25,000 followers. The report is made visually attractive with relevant graphics, charts, and colorful imagery.

However, there is a paid version of SimplyMeasured that allows you to manage your comments, analyze accurately your social performance, and listen to the social conversations that have got maximum popularity. You could consider tracking and analyzing conversations around influencers, brands, and categories across prominent social media platforms and the web to determine the content your target audience finds interesting and engaging and also, the influencers who drive the conversation.

Sprout Social has Acquired SimplyMeasured. This acquisition helps in bringing fascinating data storytelling along with powerful analytics via an unmatched suite of solutions meant for comprehensive measurement, effective data-driven social management, deep social listening to optimize, learn, and outperform.


SocialBakers enjoys a comprehensive dashboard that focuses on delivering the perfect content to the right individuals at precisely the right time. You could now work faster and more efficiently by effectively managing all the social media accounts simply by using one single platform. You could identify the right influencers, accordingly optimize your budget and benchmark and measure your results accurately from one single dashboard.

The best part is that SocialBakers is known to use artificial intelligence for creating special customer personas using data from different social platforms. This gives you the necessary ammunition for providing people with precisely what they desire and when exactly they desire it.


This tool is known for coming up with ‘actionable Instagram Insights’. Right from one single mega dashboard, you could simultaneously consider engaging with your target audience, viewing and interacting with your profile, and measuring precisely how well is your brand doing as opposed to your competitors on Instagram. The striking feature of INK361 is its competitor Research Feature. It would help you in creating custom circles so that you could easily see what all are posted by whom and exactly when. This implies that thanks to this versatile tool, you could stay right on top of the marketing game and stay well ahead of the curve.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is supposed to be a fantastic platform for efficient management of your Instagram account. Sprout Social offers a host of attractive features including social media analysis and reporting and even competition comparison tools. Here are some of the most prominent features of Sprout Social.

Instagram Tracking: Sprout Social provides easy access to a host of data insights for boosting your Instagram campaign.

Data Analysis:  Thanks to this versatile tool, you could now effectively analyze your data for identifying top posts according to the likes, comments, and level of engagement.

Report: Reporting is certainly made easy, thanks to Sprout Social, that provides easy to interpret and meaningful information that would prove to be effective in decision making.


Iconosquare is supposed to be an effective tool that helps you in scheduling your content. It helps you in planning out your campaigns effectively in a visual manner. It offers a 14-day completely free trial and allows you to judge for yourself the tool’s capabilities. The tool allows you to benchmark yourself against all your competitors and perform a meticulous analysis of latest industry trends, measure and boost your overall reach, analyze and maximize your target audience’s engagement, and determine more facts about your community.

Moreover, Iconosquare would be effectively providing meticulous analytics into Instagram’s latest feature called the Instagram Stories. With the help of this versatile tool, you could get in-depth and accurate insights into the top users and you could learn about the most appropriate time for posting. It would be providing you with detailed histories of each and every Story.


It is quite natural to be overwhelmed by the stunning pictures on Instagram. However, if you are looking for your account to grow both in terms of engagement levels and followers, it is important for every business owner to track what he is doing well and exactly what he could be actually doing a lot better. Use the best tool that caters to your unique requirements.

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