Finding Quality Mattresses at Friendly Prices- What to look for

July 5, 2018

People spend a considerable amount of their lives in bed, which is why choosing the best mattress for your needs should always be a priority. The good news is that you can invest in a quality mattress without leaving a large, gaping hole in your wallet. You might be buying a mattress for the brand new frame that you just purchased or deciding the type of mattress you need since the one you currently have can no longer accommodate your requirements.


One of the important decisions you need to make is in regards to the core of the mattress that provides support. Air-filled, latex, foam and innerspring are the common types.

  • An innerspring mattress has a bouncy feel and you can opt for how springy it should be. These types of mattresses usually have a foam outer layer or fiberfill. It is advisable to pick a mattress that is well-quilted and firm with the option of using replaceable mattress pads.
  • Memory foam typically has less spring and when you sit on it; it does really budge or sink beyond the upper layer. Aspects of quality include the thickness of the layer of foam and density of the foam.
  • A latex mattress is comparable to memory foam in regards to firmness with a little more spring. Latex mattresses may be natural or synthetic and are known for their longevity. Natural latex has antimicrobial properties and is resistant to dust mites and mold.
  • Air-filled mattresses come with remotes that allow you to regulate the amount of air inside. You can customize the firmness of the mattress and the upper surface is similar to foam or an innerspring. Click here for the best cheap mattress under $100.


Along with determining the type of mattress, there are other aspects of construction that shoppers should consider. From negotiating with a partner to body type to sleeping style, your lifestyle helps you make the right choice and Best time to buy a mattress.

  • For people who sleep on their side, a surface that offers substantial pressure relief is ideal. Firm top surfaces are suitable for sleeping on your stomach. You can get the best support from dense latex, air-filled or innerspring mattresses.
  • A supportive surface while maintaining the healthy alignment of your spine is a good option for sleeping on your back.
  • Innerspring or fiberfill mattresses are worth considering for individuals who want to minimize the retention of body heat.
  • Latex and foam are both antimicrobial and can effectively keep irritants away.
  • The weight of your mattress should also be in line with your lifestyle in terms of aspects such as changing sheets with ease or being able to move it around frequently.


Comfort is an essential characteristic of any bed mattress. Within this context, levels of comfort vary with factors such as structural support, temperature, and movement. Preferences in terms of firmness vary among different individuals. The level will depend on what works best for you and your lifestyle.


Another worthwhile trait is how long it will last and remain comfortable. The lifespan of a mattress is crucial because this is an important investment that you will be making in your comfort and general wellbeing.

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