Trying your hands-on dirt bike riding? 11 essential dirt bike gears you need to count on

July 5, 2018

Bike riding is all about adrenaline rush that one gets by experiencing the biking trails. However, if you are a dirt bike rider, selecting the best gear is the primary objective. Biking gear is essential as it will keep you secure just in case you tumble off while riding or fall off in case of any unwarranted accidents. There could be specific riding crashes where a rider might hurt himself, due to the lack of proper bike gear.

Are you a beginner in dirt bike riding? If yes, here’s an extensive list of Dirt Bike Gear that you will need at your end for protection and a safe ride. Take a browse!


  • The bike top or shirt: The top or shirt that you decide to buy to sustain your dirt biking adventure needs to have the heavy padding within. It is to make sure that your torso receives the best protection, comfort, and support. Hence, your shirt needs to have long sleeves. Also, avoid wearing any top that doesn’t cover your full torso.
  • Gloves: Select your dirt biking gloves well. You will have to make sure that gloves you buy provide you with a tight grip during the ride. Else you might have the chance to slip off and hurt yourself completely. Primarily, your biking gloves should be lightweight and come with a steady grip. It should be neither too loose nor tight. The gloves should also provide you with good flexibility so that you can maneuver your fingers and hands without any discomfort. It should allow you to manage the clutch and brakes well.

Today, you will come across a wide range of gloves available in the market. It comes with the perfect grip with the silicone fingertip grippers. The gloves also have a polyester construction that ensures that your hand can breathe while it’s inside the glove. The gloves don’t result in any unwanted sweat or apparent discomfort while riding.

  • The biking pants: Your dirt bike pants are as essential as any other bike gears that you can count. Your biking pants are going to be the final defense line against any damage or impact that might occur due to rough road conditions. And in those times, it’s essential that your lower body stays secured and stress-free. Also just in case, you fall off your bike, your pants should save you from any extreme injury. Hence, the best dirt bike pants need to be one that is designed using a rather tough material that won’t easily rip off. It is crucial as it can secure you from any friction that will result in burns, just in case you somehow fall off your bike in a risk-laden terrain.

Today, there are many options and designs available for dirt bike riding pants. The best alternatives to opt-in for are the ones that come with the apt “ergonomic” race ready, pre-curved fit. The manufacturers, especially design and manufacture these biking pants in a way that they can withstand long hours of biking and also keep the rider’s lower body secure in case of any unwarranted injury on the road.

  • Padding: This is one of the vital dirt bike riding gears that you should count. The pads you choose to wear are going to be a primary line of safety for your body. If you are a beginner, chances are you will make mistakes and fall off from your bike during your first rides. If that happens, you should be able to get up and carry on with the journey. It can happen when you don’t hurt yourself badly. It is where padding comes to help. It saves your body parts from getting injured from any rash riding and accidents.
  • Goggles or shades: One of the crucial biking gears, Goggles protects your eyes. It goes a long way to keep your eye secured from all kinds of insects, debris, and dirt that you will encounter on your bike ride. It also keeps your eye safe from any other type of projectiles that usually fly into a person’s face when they are taking part in dirt biking.
  • Neck Brace: The neck donuts are one of the best choices for security against any neck injuries. However, in the recent times, it hasn’t been providing much value. Therefore, the need of the hour is a high-end quality beck brace. It is essential to add this in your list, as it will save you from any serious neck injury that can happen while you ride.
  • A chest protector: There are several types of chest protectors available today! The one that the experts recommend for the beginners is a back-chest protector. It can be useful in dispelling the energy created in a bike crash. It, in turn, helps to keep your body parts and internal organs safe from any critical damage.
  • A hydration pack: Having proper hydration during your dirt bike riding journey is essential. This pack is useful as it helps you carry fluids that you would have to drink during long biking hours.
  • Knee braces: Designed for safe dirt bike riding, apt knee braces are an essential gear that beginners need to purchase. If you are planning to ride on a regular basis, then a knee brace is what you need to invest in on a priority basis. Today, you get knee braces at an affordable price range that are of good quality and provide adequate protection.
  • Under gear shorts: Finally, under gear shorts as a dirt bike ride gear is instrumental in averting irritation and chafing while riding. In fact sometimes, when you have to pause in between your journey to mend your bike or changing from your bike riding gear, these shorts are useful.
  • Moto socks: To add a little comfort to your foot while you are riding, you can count on moto socks completely. The extra padding that it provides helps you to ride your bike comfortably.

When you are a beginner in dirt bike riding, it is essential for you to have the correct gear. Often riders are confused on what to and what not to buy. It is where you need to fall back on a list that will help you get organized. So if you have been waiting to purchase your beginner’s dirt bike ride gear, you can count on this extensive list and start buying the same at your ease.

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