Glamming Up Your Bedroom (Without Going Broke)

November 12, 2021

The bedroom is a room of dreams. Not just the literal ones you have while you sleep, either. It is your haven, your place to retreat after a long day, and for that reason, it should be styled in whatever way matches the kind of room you have always dreamed of. For a lot of people, the opulent, luxurious, and down-right glam look could be just the aesthetic you have dreamed of going after. If you think going full-glam is a little too much for your living room, then the bedroom can be the perfect place for it. With the tips below, it need not be too expensive, either.

Have plenty of space

There is is practically no style of bedroom that will not be helped by this basic tip: cut the clutter. There are various ways to do it. You can make sure that you utilize your storage to your best ability such as by using the interior of your wardrobe doors as hanging storage. You can cut down on the visual clutter by removing an item that no longer appeals to you every time you add a new piece of decor. You can also make sure that the temporary clutter has no place on your floor with the use of wicker baskets. Either way, your room is not going to feel very glam if you do not have room to stand or feel like your eyes are being pulled in every which way.

Give your bed some style

Your choice of bedframe is going to be one of the more stylistic choices you can make when it comes to where you actually sleep. There are a lot of ways you can make it look a little fancier, some of which we will cover in a moment, but one that is underrated and often goes forgotten is the addition of the headboard. The headboard not only adds some structure to your bed (and stops you from accidentally headbutting the wall) but also acts as something of a focal point, at least in the sleeping area. Try to choose a neutral color that is likely to go well with any bedsheets you might choose for it.

Choose quality bedsheets with a little detail

If you are aiming for the minimalist approach, then basic bedsheets with simple but effective designs could be just what you need. However, if you are going for glam then there are two ways to go about it. You can look at websites like Undercover Living that offer a wide range of different designs, including those that get a little more opulent and lavish. The other method is to focus on buying some high-quality bed sheets that might not have quite as much aesthetic flair, but are made of a material that is commonly associated with luxuries such as satin or silk and will definitely lead to better nights. Of course, comfort should come above all, but you do not need to spend much more to get both comfort and glam.

Do not be afraid to add a little shine

When you think of glam, you think of glitz at the same time. That is how it goes, right? Glitz and glam. When talking about it in fashion, we tend to be talking about a little sparkle by way of jewelry. However, you can manifest that same shining appeal in your bedroom. One of the best ways to do it with your walls. Metallic wallpapers like those from Wallpaper Boulevard come in a wide variety, each of them able to give your room that shiny appeal. Aside from looking gorgeous in their own right, these reflective wall surfaces also help to keep the room brighter, as they help light bounce around a little more.

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows

The kind of opulent glam that we’re talking about also tends to be associated with a more lush feel. Your bedroom should have an extra layer of tactile comfort, which you can summon effectively with the right focus on soft furnishings. An extra throw for the bed can do a lot, but adding decorative pillows is going to be one of the best ways of making good use of all of the open space that your bed top allows for. You want to choose pillows that catch the eye and add some nice visual detail, but try to keep things to a relatively limited color palette, too. You do not want to err on the side of visual clutter, after all.

Get (faux) furry with it

Real fur has been all but outlawed, being shunned in the vast majority of fashion and home decor circles. Even the rich and famous have been turning their nose up at fur products for quite some time. However, faux fur is still very much in and, thankfully, it is also much, much more affordable. You do not want to skimp too much as you do want a quality product, but using a fur throw for the bed or a faux fur rug from sites like Flair Rugs to keep the floor soft can add a level of tactile bliss that almost matches the real thing. Especially excellent for a cozy winter style in your bedroom, too.

Put some statement lighting out there

You do not need a lot to add those gorgeous final touches to your room. Just a small few accessories can be just the icing that the cake needs. Your light fixture could be the accessory. For the classic look, if you want to go fully Disney princess, you can install a chandelier above your bed, acting as a wonderful focal point and helping to add a little extra shine to the bedroom. Pendant lights can work just as well, but keeping it to a more modern idea of class with a somewhat more minimalist profile to them. Either way, you want to make sure that you are making the best of your lighting, using warm accent lighting to give the room a much more welcoming tone.

Adding a little glam to your room can be a lot of fun and only a little costly. Keep the tips above in mind as you glam up your bedroom.

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