Where And How To Apply Decorative Pillows In The Interior

October 25, 2021

What will help change the look and mood of your home is decorative pillows. This seemingly small detail, however, plays an important role in the interior of not only an apartment, a house, but also an office. They are used for bed decoration, sofa decoration in the form of a headrest, as well as to create convenience while relaxing in the car. It is the pillows that create comfort and atmosphere: they themselves can be a beautiful “spot” in the decor (for example, lay out pillows against the background of books and see how the room will be transformed), and also with their help you can emphasize other interior details (for example, make pillows in combination with curtains). There is a wide selection of decorative pillows, so it is important to choose them exactly for your interior.

Pillows differ in sizes, shapes, volumes, colors, and filling. Designers recommend stocking up on an arsenal of pillows of different shapes and harmoniously dilute them with beautiful pillowcases. This will allow you to experiment endlessly with interior design. 

If some corner of your house seems empty, then feel free to fill it with decorative pillows.

Types of decorative pillows

Many underestimate the importance of pillows in the interior, but they can change your perception of space.

  • Sofa cushions – the most common and simple, have a square or rectangular shape. Mainly designed for sleeping and relaxing.
  • Rollers – used as a support for the back or head and also put under the feet after a hard day’s work. They help to normalize the pressure in the legs, have relaxing and other therapeutic effects. Basically, such pillows are not designed for sleeping, because due to the incorrect position of the head, pain in the spine may occur.
  • Pillows of non-standard shape are used most often when decorating a child’s space (they can be in the form of a flower, a cookie, a butterfly, letters, a heart or a body pillow). Decorative pillows in a child’s room are not only an original feature, but also a toy.
  • Round pillows – basically there are options with a button in the center. They are used on corner sofas and even as a seat. However, such types of pillows are rare (a small selection of pillowcases).
  • Sectional pillows are products that consist of two surfaces that are connected by an insert that gives additional volume to the pillow.
  • Oxford pillows are not filled with stuffing, pillows have a border on all sides.
  • Turkish pillows have counters or gathered folds at the corners.
  • Special attention should be paid to pillows for pregnant women. A woman expecting a child is especially anxious about her health. The changes that occur in the body during pregnancy create a huge load on the spine and legs, which requires a full rest. The special shape of pillows in the form of the letters U or G benefits the body during carrying a child, as well as comfort during sleep and rest.

Pillows are decorated with fringes, brushes, braid, embroidery, and cords. For decorative pillows, fillers such as lavender, pine needles, cones, and others are sometimes used.

When choosing a pillow, everything depends on the style of the house, the time of year, the character of the person.

There are several points that you should pay attention to when choosing decorative pillows:

1) Fabric for decorative pillows, which should correspond to the existing interior (painting, curtains).

2) One stylistic theme (interesting inscriptions, plants).

3) Color scheme:

– the color is the same as the upholstery, but a few shades lighter or darker;

– it is necessary to select closely related shades (black-white, red-orange);

– it is necessary to position them against each other (red-green).

4) Size. Large sofas should be decorated with large pillows, and small ones with small ones. The height of the pillow should be 5-10 centimeters below the height of the backrest, except for models with an understated or overstated backrest.

5) Quantity. Usually 5 pillows are used in the interior of the sofa (2 large pillows, 2 slightly smaller and a fifth in the middle). Depending on the length of the sofa, the number of pillows may vary.

Pillows are a quickly replaceable decor. Depending on the season, you can decorate the interior in your own way.

  1. In winter, you can decorate pillows with elements of New Year and Christmas motifs. So, for example, you can buy a pillow in the form of a star or a gift for the New Year or in the form of a boot for Christmas.
  2. In spring, you can use solid juicy colors (for example, green or blue).
  3. In summer, warm colors such as yellow or white are good, and you can also use natural fabrics, such as linen. Large flowers in the form of a rosebud or a peony can be depicted on the pillows themselves.
  4. In autumn, colors such as khaki and orange will be relevant, as well as images reminiscent of the past summer, which allows you to be filled with pleasant memories and home comfort.

Recently, face pillows have been very popular. Couples in love are asked to create a pillow with an image of each other or a beloved pet.

When buying decorative pillows, it is important to remember their functional significance.

– in the bedroom, combine pillows with walls, curtains or other decorative elements. For variety and practicality, use pillows with double-sided prints;

– in the living room, pillows serve not only as a bright accent, but are also designed for convenience (cushions for the back or legs, poufs);

– pillows look very stylish and refined in the kitchen. They are placed on a chair or a kitchen corner. Pillows are selected to suit tablecloth or curtains, which allows you to make the kitchen more joyful and lively, and the lunchtime is really warm.

Decorative pillows are a full-fledged element of the interior that can change and decorate it. We hope that after reading our article it became easier for you to choose them. Good luck!

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