Tips To Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozier

November 15, 2018

Your bedroom should be as cosy and comfortable as it can possibly be. After all, if it is ugly and rough, you might just find it that little bit harder to get off to sleep and wake up raring to go for the working day. It is time to get to work and update the room for maximum snugness, especially with a cold and bleak winter fast approaching.

Whether it is a tranquillity scented candle or a quirky new cushion, there is always something you can do to give your bedroom that extra edge. Consequently, here are few tips to add some cosy points to the bedroom:

Warm Colors

Grey, silver, or aqua green bedrooms may have been popular in the 90’s, but today they can make rooms seem forever dark and gloomy. Of course, if you enjoy these colors there is nothing inherently wrong with that, but cosy is what we are going to aim for here. Therefore, the color scheme you go for should follow that theme to the letter.

Oranges, reds, yellows, beiges, and even browns can strike out boldly for that warm, comfortable feel the bedroom should have. These colors will vividly stand out in the space and really help it pack a punch when the nights are cold and miserable. Bedding, lamps, pajamas, and cushions; if you get some or all these items in line with this theme, your mood will change the moment you step into the room; or indeed wake up in it! 

Thick Carpet and Rugs

It does not matter if you are barefoot or wearing a snug pair of socks, wooden floors are not great for standing on. Well, they can lend a stylish appeal to any room, stylish is not always cosy. Kitchens and dining rooms can pull off such flooring well, but the bedroom should feel truly exquisite to roam around in. 

Ditch any hard flooring and replace it with thick carpet and rugs. After all, when you have woken up first thing in the morning, a snug carpet is better for your first step of the day than a cold, hard, creaky wooden floor! Bounce around the room and feel as if it is constantly hugging your feet instead.

Fairy Lights

Lighting changes everything, no matter what space you are occupying. Presented properly, they can truly unleash the untapped potential of any room, lending nuances to corners, and filling spaces otherwise left unfilled. But what kind of lights lend the cosy appeal?

Fairy lights do! While the standard lamp can be a somewhat generic choice of lighting, the fairy lights truly give a quirky edge to a bedroom. They can be draped across walls, looped over shelves, and generally add a splash of snug magic to the area. 

No Screens

We are not just going to focus on adding things to a room here, but also suggest banning something from the bedroom entirely to maximize cosiness; screens. While you may have made some truly inspired decorative choices to your bedroom, they will all go to waste if they go ignored while you check Twitter night after night under the covers.  

Therefore, doing away with the screens to better appreciate the cosy nature of your room is strongly advisable. Moreover, you should try to stay away from screens when you’re going to bed to prevent sleep disruption. Here, we are focusing on what the bedroom is purposed for; shutting down for the night, whether it is your body or your machines! 

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