Plan the future finances of your family from any corner of the world

August 13, 2018

The world has become a global village. As a result, people working in multinational corporations have to travel between nations frequently. Sometimes, employees have to stay away from their home countries for months at a time to serve the interest of their employers. Most multi-national enterprises have operating branches in first world countries including the USA, Singapore, France, Spain, and UAE.

Irrespective of where you are going next, your family is concerned about your wellbeing and their safety. There is no way you can leave home without reassuring them or planning for their future financial security. Having health insurance or a term life insurance is not enough anymore. Especially with frequent overseas travelers, the importance of expat term life insurance has increased in the last couple of years. As per the terms and conditions of any similar coverage from a reputable agency like the Genesage Expat Life Cover, the insurance holder’s family will receive compensation irrespective of the location of the holder.

Why should you think about death in advance?

Death in the family is terrible news, but what happens when death comes to the sole earner. The news quickly escalates from terrible to being terrifying. The loss of an income provider of a family can leave a void that no other health insurance policy can fill. The matters become complicated when the concerned person passes away during his time abroad. Whether it was a business trip or a pleasure trip, the official paperwork has the potential to delay or entirely deny compensation from insurance companies that do not cover overseas death cases.

If you are a UK citizen living in another country, can you get an UK-based life insurance policy?

While choosing your insurance cover and plan, double-check its validity for travelers and temporary residents of the country. There are some companies like Genesage that offer life insurance policies to non-residents, who have a UK passport or they have some form of documentation that supports their right to reside in the UK. The same is applicable for UK citizens, who are planning to live abroad in countries like UAE, Hong Kong, France, Spain or Portugal, but they need a UK-based insurer for preserving the peace of their minds.

How does an expat life cover help frequent travelers and non-residents of a country?

The only way to set your mind at ease and provide some peace for your family while you are traveling is by getting an expat term life insurance cover. You need to find the right company that can offer you complete protection for a fixed amount, even when you hop nations multiple times a year. It is beneficial for people who are retiring to the country of their dreams or taking an extended sabbatical to a little-traveled country. Many people travel from various corners of the world to the UK to be with their loved ones or live a country life amidst the green meadows and farms. Irrespective of your intentions, you need to keep your future dreams insured. Not many life insurance companies in the UK extend their services to the non-nationals or the expats.

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