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August 15, 2018

just check if it matches with yours one? Or maybe you are none of these 3.

Wait. No need to be so afraid. As it is said, you should never judge a book by its cover; so, do not judge this article as a multiple choice quiz yet. And, yes you have read it correctly. This is an article. And I hope and believe, this is exactly the one you are looking for. 

Now, let’s move to the point. As I am guessing you are making plans for summer, I am here to tell you which cities should be on the top of your summer vacation bucket list. You might want to visit best cooler backpack.

  • Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. This city is known for its medieval hierarchy. The Vltava River bisected this city.

This city is perfect for your family tour in summer. The weather is a small warm in the daytime which will give you the mood to visit all around.

Now, what is the must-see in this city?

1st comes the Prague castle.  This is now the office of the president of The Czech Republic. This castle shows the beauty of medieval architecture. The castle was also the center of power of the king of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperors.

The Old Town is another most important place. And you should not miss this. It has so many things to see. The old town square, the clock, the church and this is the place for tourists. The clock is an astronomical gothic clock. The Gothic Church is the Church of “Our Lady Before Tyn”. Besides the sightseeing, you should definitely taste their beer and their roadside foods. It is said that beer is sold at a cheaper rate than water here.

Do not miss any of these two. You should also try a boat ride on the Vltava River.

  • Manali

This town in North India should be on top of your summer bucket. Why? Let’s see.

You want a “not summer”? If so, go to India. This state of the Himachal Pradesh of India is the best place for paragliding. If you have not tried paragliding yet. Do not worry. This place is best for you.

If you are from a country that stays hot almost the whole year then your first stop should be here. And if you are in India and have not visited this place is yet, then it has become a must for you. Leave all other summer plans. Go, see your snowy beauty. This place is covered with snow during summer too. Play with your friends with snowballs, do the trekking, and, of course, the paragliding. If you are in the graduate school, and a beginner in traveling, trust me, you are going to come back with a ton of good memories.

  • Cape Town

If you are planning for a beach holiday this summer, then this the city you should be prioritizing.

Cape Town is a port city of South Africa situated on the south coast f this country.

You have a lot to do here. If you have been planning for surfing for long, then you should give it a try. And even if you are not interested, give it a try. You will start getting more and more interested.

You should also try the fish market at the Kalk Bay. This place is always overly crowded. But you cannot just miss the fishes. You should come back from Cape Town after filling your taste bud with this local fish’s taste.

Another must is the view from the Table Mountain. Do not miss the view. Do not forget to take the best pictures of the city. And above all, do not wait for the perfect weather, visit the mountain under the tablecloth, the cloud covering the mountain.

  • Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. The city itself is a place to visit.  Let’s have a look at the musts for a trip to this city.

If you love riding bikes, then follow the trend and hire a bike. Take a bike guide with you. Now you are ready to move through the city.

While exploring the city feel the ray of happiness. You may have heard about the Danes, the happiest tribe. Yes, you can meet them here in summer in Copenhagen. Also, do not forget to bring some happiness to you.

The gardens are a must while visiting the city. They have gardens and parks in each corner of the city. Soothe yourself with the fresh air. This will be a perfect place to relax after exploring their city life.

Islands Brygge Harbour Bath is the place to have a relaxing bath. Besides, you will be meeting locals here. You can be friends with them and thus you will have a vast idea of their culture and living style.

At last, pay a visit to the Amager Beach Park. Pass a day there. you will have a great relaxation. Not only this, if you are visiting with your kids, have some small sports in the afternoon. This will fulfill your trip to Copenhagen.

  • Toronto

Toronto is a famous city in Canada. It is the capital of the Ontario Province. And it is situated beside the northwestern shore of Ontario Lake.

Here comes the city full of arts and culture. If you are interested in the arts and have not visited Toronto yet, then it should be your next destination. They are full of fests, where you will get to learn about not only their culture but also it’s a short tour of the world culture. Arts lovers from different corners of the earth gather here to immerse themselves into the ocean of the huge collection ready for them.

If you want to be a part of these, you should attend the fests and the concerts by world-famous singers. Do not forget the food fests. This is also a place for multicultural taste.

You should have a Toronto CityPass and get the chance of visiting the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto Zoo.

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