DIY Hair Mask Recipes

August 16, 2018

Have You Tried A Hair Mask?

Do you want that extra moisturizing boost for your hair, but are not too sure on how to achieve it? When people have this dilemma, they do things like switch out shampoos and conditioners or add a pre-poo treatment of their favorite natural oils. However, have you ever thought about taking your hair game to the next level by using a hair mask? Not only that but have you thought about making one yourself? Most hair masks are simple, easy to use and contain all natural ingredients. Stay with me, now! I am about to let you in on a few favorites and useful mask recipes, but first, let us talk about what a hair mask is and the benefits you can gain from using one:

What Exactly Can It Do?

A hair mask is a unique deep-conditioning treatment that maintains and restores your hair strands from the inside out. Hair masks work to reverse the processing, coloring, styling and the environmental factors that cause hair damage. A simple conditioner only coats the surface of a hair strand, very few penetrate the hair shaft. Hair masks go much further, by working inside the cuticle. By getting into a regular hair mask routine, you’ll notice a difference in your hair’s durability, strength, and overall health.

How To Pick The Right Mask Ingredients For Your Hair

When choosing the recipe you want for your hair, it is important first to analyze your hair’s current state. Do you have heat damage? Is your hair naturally oily or dry? What is the purpose of you using a mask? Find out exactly what you want a hair mask to do for your hair and gather the ingredients that will aid in your hair goals and make sure they are all natural ingredients. If you need a protein boost, opt for eggs in your hair mask recipe. If you need extra moisture, go to your kitchen and whip out a jar of mayonnaise! Once you know what you need, you can put together your little recipe. If you need a place to start, I will give you a few recipes that are sure to work wonders for your hair.

Best DIY Hair Mask Recipe For Dry Hair

Yogurt, Honey, And Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe:

Sounds so good, you could eat it, right? Well, do not! Save this for your hair. Honey might not seem like something you want to put on your hair, and I understand. It is like the stickiest substance found in nature. But when you mix it with a little yogurt and olive oil, it is an essential component to helping get your hair back in shape. Each of these ingredients is ideal for maintaining moisturized hair in any season.

Ingredients: 1 tsp olive oil; 1 tbsp honey; ¼ cup yogurt

Mix the ingredients well. Apply to damp hair and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair and allow to dry as usual.

Best DIY Hair Mask Recipe For Oily Hair

Egg White And Lemon Juice Hair Mask Recipe:

Lemon juice contains a high level of vitamin C, which can control the excess oil on your hair effectively, the egg white can help to balance the moisture on your scalp and hair and make sure that your hair is not too dry. Applying the mask made from egg white and lemon juice will bring to your hair the hydration, but still keep the stable level of oil to make hair look shiny and durable.

Ingredients: 1 egg white, one lemon, 1 tbsp salt

Stir all ingredients well to get the final smooth paste. What you have to do next is apply this fantastic mask on your hair, cover it for 30 minutes to let it generate to your hair. After a specific time, take off the cover by rinsing your hair with tepid water, then mild shampoo and conditioner.

Best DIY Hair Mask Recipe For Damaged Hair

Aloe Vera Gel And Olive Oil Hair Mask

Aloe vera gel is one of the best natural medicines for hair, skin, and health. Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes, which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair. Perfect recipe for damaged hair.

Ingredients: 4-5 tbsp aloe vera pulp; 1 tbsp olive oil; 1 egg yolk

Mix all of the parts. Apply it all over your damaged hair and let it be for half an hour. Wash it out with cold water. Use this recipe as often as you need to, for your damaged hair. Especially, pay attention to the ends of your hair.

Best DIY Hair Mask Recipe For Hair Growth

Castor Oil And Honey Hair Mask Recipe:

Over the past couple of years, castor oil has indeed emerged as a cure-all for health and beauty remedies. The thick, pale yellow oil contains nutrients, such as omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E, which deeply nourish your hair. It is ideal for hair growth in many areas of the body, especially the scalp.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp castor oil; 1 tbsp olive oil; 1 tbsp honey

Mix olive all of the ingredients. Use a hand blender to whisk the ingredients. Apply the oil pack on your hair, covering every strand from the roots to the ends. Cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap a cloth around your head. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse it out, then shampoo your hair as usual. Apply the castor oil mask on your hair once every week for enhanced hair growth. The amazing thing about this mask is its ability to be used for multiple purposes. You an also remove your faux mink lashes with these oils and still salvage the lash. You can purchase more mink lashes wholesale here.

Different Masks For Different Hair Types

We all have different hair types and the condition of our hair changes with the season. It is essential to pay attention to what our hair needs so that we can fix the problem. A great way to do this is to invest your time into making a few hair masks every week to fix different issues you may be having with your hair. Fortunately, Mother Nature has solutions to combat any hair problem.

Have you tried a hair mask? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

Written by: Mikey Moran

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