Hidden Health Hazards In Your Home

June 29, 2021

When you think about the most dangerous items in your home, you imagine the most glaringly apparent dangers like a falling TV or uncovered wires as contenders. However, whether new or significantly old, most homes have hidden hazards that are equally dangerous and may still threaten your health and well-being as time goes on. Hidden hazards are usually the least identifiable, entirely or partially hidden issues that will have, very often, a tremendous potential to develop many risks to your health. It is improbable for most of these hazards to anticipate their risks without proper considerable research and education. This article will discuss some hidden hazards you can take more care of.

Damp Walls And Surfaces

Do people often wonder if the mold in their homes is a problem? All indoor spaces contain mold spores floating around in the air, which can breed in moist environments. Home settings and some interior installation designs, specific human activities, and weather can often dampen certain parts of the home. This can support mold and mildew growth on surfaces like wood, glass, ceramic, fabrics, paper, plastic, etc. Molds can trigger the production of disease-causing bacteria and other microbes.

It is also prevalent for the spores produced as mold grows to threaten people’s health with existing allergies and weaken immune systems. What can you do to prevent mold problems and the resultant musty smell? It will be safer to improve your home’s protection by using a well-informed removing mold and mildew guide and focus on effectively controlling moisture as an ultimate preventive measure. Lastly, you can regulate moisture in your home by using humidifiers, adopting prudent residential interior designs, and addressing leakages and spillages as quickly as possible. 

Prescription Drugs 

Prescription medication for treating various medical conditions and addressing distinct health concerns can pose severe threats to people’s health. Opioids and additional prescription drugs like anti-anxiety pills, diabetes pills, and sedatives can induce memory loss and low blood pressure. Its overdose can also lead to poisoning, which risks death for unsuspecting victims like children. To prevent accidents or avoid the dangers of exposure to prescription drugs poses, especially for households with kids and the elderly, you must store these drugs out of the reach of kids and other family members. You can also educate them to sensitize them on the effects these medications may cause to their health as an extra precautionary measure. 


Dust accumulation in homes can be a very concerning issue because dust can contain highly hazardous particles and bacteria that trigger allergic reactions. Dust may also carry microbes and chemical components that can cause terminal cancers. Regular inhalation of dust may cause long-lasting effects on the human respiratory system and overall human health, even though the body has natural defensive mechanisms to prevent dust from entering the human body. 

Paints And Household Solvent 

Common household solvents like water are deemed less hazardous. In contrast, several household products like turpentine, dry-cleaning fluids, and nail polish removers contain varieties of organic solvents like petroleum distillates, mineral spirits, methylene chloride. These are likely to be very dangerous to your health when inhaled or ingested accidentally. Also, the solvents used to dissolve paint pigments and grease are very volatile and combustive. It is essential to know that these substances or products may be without strong warnings or heavy pungent odors to signal how dangerous and toxic they can be. You’ll want to handle these products with care and pay attention to other noticeable changes like light-headedness, dizziness, and itching as warnings.


Most people will patronize the comfort of toilets and washrooms, forgetting that they are releasing waste from the body. Feces and urine contain e-coli bacteria categorized as very toxic and harmful to human health. It, therefore, becomes necessary for your family to practice proper and more cautious bathroom usage, as water droplets from flushing may contain these harmful bacteria. You will want to keep the toilet lid down when flushing and also keep yourself out of proximity. You would be extra safe if you can guarantee a clean shower after using the washroom or even washing your hands after using the washroom.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops can decay over time into radioactive decay products and gases like radon, uranium, and thorium. Overexposure to high levels of radon due to improperly sealed granite countertop surfaces can cause lung cancer. It is crucial to get radon testing and detection kits for homes with granite countertops installed, as the component is a colorless and odorless gas that makes it hard to detect. You can also ensure that your countertop surfaces are sealed adequately.

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