Four Methods To Stop Your House From Making You Sneeze

July 1, 2021

It seems that every home comes with hidden health hazards and it is a very miserable time for people who experience allergies, especially in the summer. But allergies are not only about pollen, but about the home in general. If you find yourself suffering during the summer months, and your house seems to be making you sneeze, here are some of the ways to reduce allergens in the home.

Use An Air Purifier

The biggest problem is minimizing the level of dust in the home. An air purifier is one of the best places to begin. When you use it in your home, it is going to remove airborne particles, reducing the amount of dust produced. If you have an air conditioner, it is important to make sure that the AC doesn’t keep throwing dust out into the air. Most AC installation services can check the nuts and bolts, to guarantee that the air conditioning isn’t throwing out dusty air. It’s important to clean on a regular basis, but when you can’t get into the air conditioner, the best method is to ask the professionals to check up on it.

Washing The Floors

Regardless of your floor type, if you have tiles, laminates, or wood, you should mop and steam them regularly. When cleaning, you have to invest in non-toxic cleaning products. You may think that strong cleaning products are the best way to completely eradicate dust, mold, and particles, but if you are using toxic cleaning products, they will add extra irritants to your household chores. If you are sneezing constantly, you’ve got to keep the level of irritants. The best approach is to keep the ingredients to a minimum. You can purchase natural cleaning products, or you can make your own. Many cleaning products are an amazing combination of bicarbonate of soda, some soapy water, and vinegar that gets to work on most dust and mold.

How Often Do You Vacuum?

If your home is mainly carpet, you have to be aware of the dust that gathers in between the fibers. Vacuuming on a regular basis will dislodge any dust from the flooring, reducing any buildup. You should ideally make the change from carpet to a hard floor, but if you love your carpet, a handy little tip is to get a steam cleaner and use that on a regular basis on your carpets prior to vacuuming. This works to loosen the fibers, so you can get the vacuum into the fibers far deeper.

Sealing The Gaps

If you are looking to greatly reduce particles from entering your home, you have to seal any gaps. Sure, you need the windows open to allow in the fresh air, but this is where you must be vigilant and only open your window for a short period of time, ideally early in the morning, especially if pollen is a major irritant. Any cracks in the walls need to be filled because this will prevent any dust from building up.

The best way to prevent any form of allergens in the home is to keep your home as clean as possible. You also need to remember that you can minimize your own reaction to allergens by taking antihistamines, but also using a trick with petroleum jelly around the nose. This acts as a barrier. With a combination of efforts like this, you should stop your house from making you sick.

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