Top Quality Wholesale Basketball Manufacturers in USA

July 1, 2021

The basketball game was invented in 1891 and was adopted as an Olympic event in 1936. There are 24.23 million participants in basketball. This is why the annual market value of basketball is $2.12 billion.

These statistics would certainly inspire you to start your wholesale basketball business. However, you need to have the knowledge and planning to do so. To start your wholesale basketball business, you also need to know the places to buy basketballs in bulk.

Well, we are here to help you with that. We shall tell you about the best manufacturers in the US to purchase high-quality wholesale basketball.

So without further ado, let’s check the list of the basketball manufacturers below:


Waitz Corp.

Waitz Corp. is one of the best manufacturers of basketballs in the US. This company was built in 1952 in Pennsylvania, USA. They both manufacture and distribute their high-quality products to their customers throughout the country.

Besides basketballs, Waitz Corp. also offers stress-relieving balls. They use vinyl, rubber, and foam material to produce their products. You can get screen and pad printed balls from Waitz Corp. in all sizes, colors, and shapes.


Tachikara Inc.

Tachikara Inc. is an American company based in Nevada. It was established in 1993 with the mission to provide high-quality sports equipment to its customers. Tachikara Inc. manufactures a wide range of products, including basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, playground balls, inflators, nets, bags, and many other sports essentials.


KillSpencer Inc.

KillSpencer Inc. is located in Los Angeles, USA. This manufacturer is one of the best producers of basketball on this list. That is because of their highest quality products and inexpensive rates.

KillSpencer Inc. offers a wide range of products, including waterproof backpacks, travel bags, duffle bags, briefcases, daypacks, rucksacks, utility and women backpacks, iPad cases, laptop sleeves, basketballs, and other athletic products.


Molten USA Inc.

Molten USA Inc. was built in 1990 in Nevada, USA. They are a reliable and popular manufacturer of sports and recreational products. They offer high-quality products at much lower rates from the market.

Besides basketballs, Molten USA Inc. offers volleyballs, soccer balls, digital scoreboards, whistles, ball pumps, ball carts, ball bags, backpacks, knee pads, and many other coaching accessories.


American Athletic

American Athletic was established in 1955 in Iowa, USA. They are one of the most famous manufacturers of basketball and other sports equipment in the US. American Athletic is a $25 million company with around 500 employees.

They make sure that they manufacture and distribute the highest quality products to their customers. The most famous products by American Athletic include volleyball, gymnastic, youth fitness equipment, backboards, and basketball goals.


Mikasa Sports USA

Mikasa Sports USA is another excellent and reliable manufacture of basketball. They are based in Brea, CA, and provide their quality basketballs at low prices throughout the country. Mikasa Sports USA produces different types of balls, including the championship, premier varsity, and training basketballs.


Corporate Images

Corporate Images is based in Denver, CO. they manufacture and distribute high-quality basketball throughout the US. one of the best things about Corporate Images is that they offer promotional and advertising products, including double panel autograph basketball. You can also choose the custom imprinting on the basketball.



Last but not least, EverLighten is also considered among the best basketball manufacturer            in the US. You can find premium quality basketball at super affordable prices from this manufacturer. Besides basketball, they also offer custom advertising and novelty apparel and accessories, including socks, scarves, sweaters, hoodies, hats, medals, and basketballs.


Final Thoughts:

A wholesale basketball business is indeed profitable. However, to establish a wholesale basketball business, you need to know the market and the suppliers. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you find the top-quality basketball manufacturers in the US.

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