Planning For Your Dream Campervan Trip

August 19, 2018

Self-driving is considered as one of the best ways to experience nature. We can get around different countries using buses and trains, but having a vehicle means having complete freedom where to visit. It makes the entire journey much more pleasant.

One of the countries where campervan is a norm is New Zealand and it is imperative to look out for best NZ campervan hire. However, there is a number of questions that come in mind when planning out a trip. Here is how you can plan for your dream trip

Choose the right campervan

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a campervan. This is why it can be a bit overwhelming. However, there are some factors to take into account to select the right one.

  • Consider how many travelers are there. Only two adults can sleep comfortably in smaller campervans, whereas the larger one has the ability to accommodate over four adults. Look for a campervan that corresponds with the berth space.
  • More people means more space. More space means larger vehicle, which would mean driving could be difficult, as it is more difficult to maneuver the vehicle. Given the narrow roads, it is recommended to take driving classes before heading for the journey.
  • Consider different features of the campervan. Look out for how much does the company charges. Is there GPS included? How much would they charge for an additional driver? Take into account such factors to get the best deal.

Where to stay on the trip?

All across the globe, people who rent campervans usually stay at holiday parks and campsites. These are campsites with amenities such as toilets, kitchen, laundry facilities, and sometimes there are swimming pools. These campsites enhance the overall experience.

How to find a good campsite?

There some online applications that can help find campgrounds along the journey if you did not pre-book any of them. There are several holiday park chains that have different amenities within it. Research about them online and choose the one that suits your preferences. The price of these campsites would differ according to the amenities being offered.

Be responsible

Even though campervan trips are fun and memorable, some rules need to be complied with. There are some responsibilities to undertake. Every community has a different set of regulations about camping. Learn them and respect them. Also make sure you do not litter. Leave no trace. Pick the rubbish and dump them in the designated spots.

Be pre-planned and very organized

There are few things that needs to be brought. This may include a dry-towel, a swimsuit, a good daypack, and even a Bluetooth speaker. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and one may bring other items according to personal preferences. Make sure that each and everything is organized and pre-planned in order to avoid unexpected events during the journey. Be prepared for the entire journey completely to enjoy it at its fullest.

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