How To Save Money When Going Camping In A Campervan

December 6, 2021

There is no denying that renting a campervan is one of the most economical methods to go on trips. Compared to renting a vehicle plus a hotel to stay, a campervan will always prove to be more value for money. 

However, if you are still on a budget and want to enjoy camping in the best possible manner, then you can follow our money-saving hacks as mentioned below. 

Procedures To Save Money When Going Camping In A Campervan

1. Always Travel In A Group

According to a reputable company for camping van rentals, camping is enjoyed better when you have friends or family members beside you. You will not only have the perfect enjoyment time but also will be able to split the traveling costs, such as campsite fees, gas and food, ultimately saving money in the process. 

2. Try To Book The Cheapest Flights

The first thing that you would want to book is your campervan, due to limited availability. Once your campervan has been reserved, you can then book your flight tickets. Try to find the cheapest possible flights, because you do not need the additional features or amenities. In that way, you can then reinvest the saved money into something else for your traveling process.

3. Always Bring Your Camp Gear

In case you have storage space inside your luggage, then there is no excuse why you should not bring your camp gear. You will not only save money in the process by not renting the items but also avoid the hassle of renting and returning.

However, if you cannot bring your camp gear due to space or budget constraints, since camping gear is costly to own, then it is better to opt for rental services. Most modern campervans these days come with tables, benches, beds, refrigerator, kitchen space, stoves and more. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your necessities. 

4. Try To Cook Your Food

The best thing about hiring a campervan is that — it is extremely straightforward to make your favorite dishes inside the kitchen of the campervan. You will have your kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator inside your campervan. Thus, you can enjoy any dish, whether it is the usual instant ramen or some good old burger and French fries, anything is possible. 

Making your food at the comfort of your campervan will save you a lot of money since food costs are high and can take up almost half of your total budget. 

5. Ability To Camp Wherever You Want

With a campervan, you can camp wherever you want. You do not have to book parking sites, as you have to do with an RV. Thus, you can save money and thereby enjoy the freedom of enjoying camping as it is supposed to. 

For any additional information on our campervans, contact us today. 

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