How To Make Extra Money Without Working

August 23, 2018

As with most dreams we have, the American dream has evolved with the passage of time. At one time having a home and a family was the pinnacle of success. Sure, it meant you had to work hard and save every penny, but it was attainable.

As time progressed, that same house got bigger and having a family was an option versus the norm. We might then ask ourselves what the American dream looks like currently. The truth is that it no longer looks like a big car inside a big house with three kids and a Labradoodle. The American dream looks presently like freedom, and by freedom, we mean the ability to live the life you want on your own terms.

Our modern amenities allow us the flexibility and option to plot our course and live a bespoke life. Want to spend the summer in Fiji? Go for it. Climb the Andes? You do you. All the while you are living a life of exploration, you can be making money. And the ultimate in lifestyle dreams: You can make money while you sleep.

Sound appealing? Then read on as we have several ideas that will lead you to the new American dream.


You might be wondering what FBA means, and that would be an entirely valid question. The truth is that you have experienced FBA several times before, maybe even daily or weekly. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it has made millionaires out of many. In a nutshell, FBA prep in Toronto is providing a service where you can send a product that you would like to sell on Amazon’s website, and they will store it, pack it, and ship it to you at a specified percentage each sale.

Considering that Amazon accounts for about 43% of all online sales, you can see why this is the new frontier in business. Choose the right product, and you might strike proverbial gold. If you are interested in selling on Amazon FBA, do a quick Google search, and you will surely find a plethora of guides and courses.

Sell Jewelry

Now, that sounds a lot like work. True, but it does not have to be. The key to making money without really working is to do what rich people have done since time immemorial: Get someone to do the work for you. You can easily hire someone on Craigslist to go to garage sales and estate sales to look for jewelry that you might be able to sell. The most important part of this equation is that you have to train them well. Do this well, and before you know it, you could sell diamonds and be making a fortune.

Create A Course

This also requires a little effort at the onset but could pay some serious dividends once established. Courses live and die by their content and how they are marketed. The first step is to find a pain point. You might choose weight loss, which by all accounts is a pain point for many folks out there. However, you will likely fail before you start.

That leads to the second step, be specific and niche out. Instead of focusing solely on weight loss, consider creating a course on how to lose the pesky underarm fat that haunts so many people out there.

A good way of knowing if this is an issue that affects people out there is to use Google’s keyword research tool. If the keywords used to describe your course topic are searched thousands of times per month, then you have a good chance of getting people to buy the course. The third step is to film yourself or hire an actor to create the course. After that, you are all set to market the course. Be strategic with how you sell, and you could find that customers will keep coming back.

As you can tell from the above examples, there are many ways in which you can create an online revenue stream while you sit by a campfire in Alaska. While it is true that all the options will make you money without you having to work, it is also true that they will require an initial burning of calories to set them up.

This is true of any business in the history of commerce, but the distinct difference is that this business model will yield a harvest without additional effort on your end. Undoubtedly, the prospect of riches without hard work is the new American dream.

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