Up Your High in Amsterdam

August 23, 2018

Amsterdam has earned quite a reputation as the holy land for stoners. Thanks to its notably high tolerance for drug use and mainstream movies like Eurotrip and Pulp Fiction, which reference its bustling drug culture. The city definitely attracts millions of people in search of a good high.

If you are a first-time drug tourist on your way to the Dutch capital, then you will need tips to find your way around and make the most out of the rollicking good times that lie ahead. Here are some pro tips on how you can up your high in Amsterdam in the safest and most enjoyable way possible:

Get Some at a Coffeeshop

 Advertising drugs in Amsterdam is, technically, illegal, so you will not find any “drugs sold here” and similar signages just anywhere. Instead, you will have to look for “coffeeshops,” which is what they call stores that legally sell drugs. Do not confuse coffeeshops with a koffiehuis (coffee house) or café, which are typical establishments that sell coffee and pastries, no drugs.

One tip is to look for a notable green-and-white license sticker on the shop window, an indication that it is a legal dispensary for drugs. Do not purchase your drugs from dealers on the streets to avoid getting ripped off or ending up with dangerous and poor-quality stash.  

Only Soft Drugs Are Legal 

Just because Amsterdam is tolerant toward drug use does not mean you can legally buy and use all kinds of substances there. The city still has still drug laws in place. In fact, the Dutch government classifies drugs into two types: soft drugs and hard drugs. 

Coffeeshops only sell soft drugs, which include cannabis in various forms, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and psychoactive salvia. On the other hand, hard drugs like LSD, cocaine, and heroin are considered illegal. Also keep in mind that, since 2007, coffeeshops are only allowed to sell either drugs or alcohol, not both.  

Ask the Staff for Suggestions 

Coffeeshops operate much like a typical store does, where you can look at their various offerings on a menu. Products may be sorted into different categories. For example, you may find weed classified into different forms like rolled joints, oil, hash, and even edibles like space cakes.

All the varieties available can be overwhelming for first timers, so do not be afraid to ask the staff for suggestions. Coffeeshop personnel are well trained and knowledgeable about their products and their different effects. These people are also used to accommodating tourists who are not familiar with buying and using drugs in Amsterdam. 

Go Coffeeshop-Hopping

There are hundreds of coffeeshops around Amsterdam, and trying out different ones is part of your experience. Each coffeeshop is unique with its own personality and specialties. You will find coffeeshops in centuries-old buildings with spectacular views of the canal. Others are styled like a posh pharmacy complete with marble countertops, and some specialize in 100 percent organic varieties.

Aside from trying out the different drugs, complete your coffeeshop experience by getting a taste of the beverages and the food that the coffeeshops offer. Some coffeeshops are known to have the delicious coffee and juices in Amsterdam. They also serve bite-size desserts during happy hour.

Know Your Limit

Always enjoy your highs responsibly. Don’t purchase too much. There is a legal limit of five grams per person when buying drugs.

If you are visiting as a group, you can buy more, but because there are hundreds of coffeeshops, you will want to sample the different drugs and not just buy a big stash from one dispensary. Last but not the least, get detox kits, if necessary. Keep in mind that transporting drugs is illegal and still a crime under federal law in the United States, so you may only end up disposing of your excess stash when you arrive at the airport.

Listen to your body, and observe the different effects of the drugs you are taking. People’s bodies have different tolerance levels when it comes to drugs and other substances, and one’s preexisting conditions may still affect their body’s response to weed.

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