The best five small breed dogs to select from and bring home

August 29, 2018

Ever imagined a visual of playing with a poodle, pug or Shih Tzu in your living room? Or merely smiling at their vibrant and playful movements as they walk around your house? If yes, then for those moments you’ll be filled with only joy and happiness. That’s what the thought of petting a dog evokes within. And when you bring home a small breed dog, you bring back a bundle of cuteness. Small dogs are adorable. They are innocent and playful companions you can have around you.

Have you been planning to bring home a small breed dog? If yes, then discussed below are the best small breed dogs that you can select. And to know more on this, you can log onto and browse through the website.

1. The forever adorable Shih Tzu – When it comes to small breed dogs, the Shih Tzu takes away a meteor chunk of popularity and affection. The dog has no shed. However, daily grooming is essential. The Shih Tzu is called a “mini lion.” It makes for an excellent family dog choice. This small breed dog loves people around and connects well with children and adults around.

2. The alert Dachshund –One look at its eyes and whole demeanor and you’ll know that a Dachshund will be an excellent watchdog. It gets profoundly attached to the individual owner and his family. Sometimes the dog can be aggressive near unfamiliar children. But they can be trained adequately to control this trait. This dog breed is curious, adventurous and daring. They love to play indoors as well as outdoors.

3. The puffy Bichon Frise – If you always wanted a small breed dog that looks and feels adorable, then you need to bring home the Bichon Frise. This dog breed loves children as well as other animals too. You’ll fall in love with their puffy white coat. This dog breed is always well trained and stays active. You need to be careful about this dog’s diet and food chart. Consulting a vet is essential.

4. The beautiful Skye terrier –If you have a penchant for cat and own one too, then having a Skye terrier is not the best decision. It’s because this dog breed dislikes the feline persuasion. That aside, the Skye terrier is known for its cute looks and charming nature. It connects with children and people very well. Some dog lovers say that it is a fantastic choice for the avid outdoorsmen.

5. The friendly Maltese – If you want a small breed dog that’s amicable and is easy to connect, then you can count on the Maltese. This dog breed goes very well with both other breed dogs as well as cats. However, don’t leave a Maltese alone for a long time. They love to be around people and children.


These are the five best small breed dog types that you can read more what fruits can dogs eat about before you make your choice. Of course, there are many other kinds as well. But if you wish to select from the best, then go ahead and choose any one from the list as mentioned above and go ahead with your choice.


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