Wedding Gifts Your Best Girl Will Cherish All Her Life

August 28, 2018

When you are making a prep list for your best friend’s wedding, the first and foremost thing you must sort out, after the hen weekend, of course, is your gift to your best girl. We totally understand that finding the perfect gift for your bride-to-be BFF can put you under a whole new stress, but you are champion, my friend! When you can handle the hen party for your girl gang, you can surely figure out the best gift for the bride.

You just cannot enter a gift store and struggle with the meagre options available for you when the occasion is as big as your best girl’s wedding. Just like your every trip, your every shopping session, you need an action plan here as well. No one knows your girl better than you do, not even the Mister! Make use of the knowledge, buy her something, which no one else could even think of. After all, you are the maid of honor, your rule shall prevail over the gifts as well!

We know you are smart enough to figure out the best present for your girl, something she will boast off in front of others, but there is no harm in some extra help.

We bring to you a list of few options that you may look up to in the hunt for the best gift for your favourite girl:

A Bigger Sized Traveling Bag

If yours is a traveler best friend, she would love this one. Now that your girl is going to get married, she will no longer be a solo-traveler for her trips. The plus one is going to accompany her to most places, so why not gift her a bag which is good enough for the couple. You know how much she hates extra luggage, so make sure the new additions now fit in the bigger bag. She will think of you on every trip she goes!

A Collection Of The Best Cosmetics

For a fashionista like your best friend, there is nothing better than this. Being the best friend, you must be knowing about her wish list of the choicest cosmetics, why not make her wish, your command. Yes yes, she will be having one elaborate wish list from her favourite brands, your work is to scan out the most important ones from that, buy them, put them in a hamper and wrap them up with your love! Everytime she puts her A game on, she will remember you.

Kitchen Essentials

If your best friend finds respite in cooking then you know exactly what we are talking about. Help her in setting up the new kitchen by presenting some obligatory kitchenware. You would not want to see her struggling in the kitchen. Be a good friend and sponsor some of the machines for her dream kitchen. We bet, every time she would make her favorite dish using any of those appliances, you will get a video call.

Extended Honeymoon

You are your girl’s confidante, her partner in crime, and also her planner of each event. So, it is obvious that you will be aware of all the details about her honeymoon. How about you partner with your best friend’s Mister and give her an extended honeymoon as their wedding gift! Add a sponsored weekend trip to her honeymoon in a different location as your present and see how she will shower you with hugs and laughter when she gets the surprise.


This seems to be the easiest option you have, but trust us, this is also the most helpful one. Since you are very much aware of all the planning of the wedding, you also know where the couple is lacking in cash or what all are the things they want to include for the big day. Be a good friend and help them fulfill each dream of theirs. Chip in for the extra cash whenever needed and let your girl be the happiest on the most memorable day of her life!

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