Renewing Your Wedding Vows

June 26, 2023

Divorce and separation have become increasingly common in our society. It is a sad reality as people who once said and probably meant the words “till death do us part” decide to pull the plug before then.

The numbers are not looking good as around 50 percent of all marriages will have to deal with this reality. You can read this post for more stats on divorce in our society.

But against all odds, some couples are willing to fight for their marriage. They face their challenges but have made a firm decision to stay put for love’s sake. It would make a lot of sense for such marriages to celebrate by renewing their wedding vows once again. A couple of reasons why this is important will be shared here.

Best Way To Renew Your Wedding Vows

Like we stated already, renewing your wedding vows can be a great way of both rekindling your love flames and making it burn brighter. This can be a quiet and small affair and it can be a huge event where you invite friends and family. Whatever you choose should be decided on by both partners based on their preferences.

Given the above, no single way can be considered as the “best” way to go about this. We will therefore share a few ideas that you can consider. From these, you may find one that resonates with you and your partner.

A Family Affair

This will be a great option if you do not want or have so much money to spend on this. After all, they say “it is the thought that matters.” An intimate affair with a few families and friends may not require a special venue. This can hold right there in your home or a small venue if you so choose.

Recreate Your Wedding

For the more creative and whimsical, an attempt at recreating how wedding can be both fun and challenging. It will include among other things, using the same venue, bridal train, program of event, and even outfit (if they will fit your current frame). If you have kids, this will give them an opportunity to see a rerun of the wedding they missed.

On Holiday

Why complicate issues? You can just go on a trip for two. Take a holiday and spend time with your better half. Spending time with each other alone can do wonders for your relationship. Spend the time reminding yourselves of why you chose each other in the first place. This may not qualify as a ceremony, but it sure does pack a punch.

Destination Event

This is surely an exciting way of renewing your vows. There are a whole lot of options that can be explored here. This will largely depend on how much you are willing and able to spend.

A few examples of a destination event include:

  • A cruise
  • A tour
  • Visiting a location abroad

You will basically have to take a trip to a specific location or locations. This can be done by just the two of you or you can plan for some guests. It all depends on your preference and financial capacity. For more ideas, you can visit:

The Importance Of Renewing Your Vows

A couple’s wedding vows should be renewed for a variety of reasons. Some of them include the following:

It Is A Chance To Celebrate How Far You Have Come Together

There would definitely be some not-so-good sides of the marriage. Every marriage must live with that. However, one way to get better with each other is to be intentional about what you focus on.

A vow renewal ceremony offers you the chance to celebrate the several things you are grateful for. This could be a financial improvement, milestones with the kids, impressive qualities in your partner, and several other things.

It Is A Chance To Re-Ignite The Spark In Your Marriage

Many people often ask why couples divorce. One of the questions along this line is if they ever loved each other.

Well, it is possible for people who once loved each other to call it quit. One clear reason for this is that love can fade. The danger of familiarity is one of the reasons love can fade.

The flames of love need to be fanned with the right actions for this reason. A renewal of wedding vows may just be what you both need to re-ignite the needed spark in your marriage. A couple of people have done this and have seen their marriage move from barely bearable, uneventful, or even unbearable to blissful.

It Is A Chance To Remind Yourselves Of What Matters

It is in human nature to forget things. It might seem odd, but that also includes details of your wedding vows. But by having to renew these vows, every party can come to realize what matters most.

For example, while the well-being and interest of the kids are important, they are not as important as that of your spouse. This is going by the details of your wedding vows, at least. The decision to have this ceremony can help you and your partner see reasons to put each other’s interests first.

You Can Make Up For Things You Could Not Do At Your Wedding Ceremony

There is such a thing as a dream wedding, and it means a lot to many people. Studies show that women take the idea of having their dream wedding more seriously than their male counterparts.

However, wishes are certainly not horses, and some (perhaps many) people do not get that dream wedding they desire. It can cause some form of regret seeing how the day did not turn out as perfect as they had hoped.

The inability to bear the financial cost involved could be a reason. For example, a wedding cruise is not something that every couple can afford.

But the good news is that they can relive the experience and make the most of it. Having a vow renewal ceremony makes this a possibility. An event planner can even be engaged to give professional suggestions on what to do and help you make this event a reality.

You Can Move Beyond The Doubt

Time changes people. But other than that, time can also change what we think about people. This is why someone in a marriage can start nursing doubts about a spouse that once had their absolute trust.

In all fairness, there could be valid reasons for this. It is also possible that these reasons are blown out of proportion. Whatever it is, a vow renewal ceremony presents an opportunity for both the husband and wife to move past these doubts. The decision to go ahead with this ceremony speaks volumes about how you and your spouse want your marriage to work.

A Chance To Get The Kids Involved

The kids were not in the picture during the wedding ceremony. Of course, this is except you had them before deciding to tie the knot.

A vow renewal ceremony would be a way to get them involved. This is considering that they are a very important part of the family. It could also be a way to send a positive message. Having this ceremony before your children help them:

  • Understand that you believe in the institution called marriage
  • See you and your spouse as a role model
  • Understand that you and your spouse are still committed to each other – this is despite your differences

It also goes to show that you both are willing to protect their interest as your kids. This makes a vow renewal not just about husband and wife but other members of the nuclear and even extended family.

A Chance To Reconnect And Celebrate With Family And Friends

There are people – family and friends; who showed up at your wedding. Deciding to have this ceremony can be a chance to invite them over and read your vows to them again.

This is usually symbolic as it means that you have kept your word all these years and would continue to do so. You can also have these people give speeches about the journey so far and get everyone to bond once again.

These are just a few reasons why having a ceremony to renew your wedding vows alongside your spouse makes sense.


Re-igniting the spark, getting the kids involved, and celebrating your accomplishments are some of the reasons you should consider a wedding vows renewal ceremony. These and other reasons explained here are good enough reasons you should hold this ceremony.

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