Importance of Wearing the Correct Sports Bra- Support, Comfort and Style

August 30, 2018

Wearing the correct sports bra keeps you comfortable when working out along with preventing ligaments within the chest from being stretched out and causing you a lot of pain. Whether you want to replace bras that are not giving you sufficient support or you are looking for your first sports bra, it is important to choose the best ones for your needs. Testing the fit and selecting the right material will ensure that you get a comfortable, high-quality sports bra.


Breathable moisture wicking is generally the preferred material for sports bras. Many modern sports bras feature technology that deals effectively with sweat, which makes the ideal option for working out. Avoid materials such as cotton that tend to stay wet and soak up moisture. Selecting moisture control fabrics also help to control your body’s temperature while working out.


Select sports bras that are available in conventional bra sizes. You need to have a sports bra that is the same size as your regular bra in terms of the right fit. Having a cup size and band size ensures adequate support. Avoid sports bras that are only available in options such as large, medium and small.

Adjustments and Clasps

Choose sports bras that are adjustable or have a clasp. Sports bras that are worn by pulling them over are not always ideal because they cannot be adjusted accordingly and are likely to be more stretched out. Band clasps make it possible to move in between the hooks, depending on how the bra stretches. Learn more at Bras To Go.


Sports bras are investments and it is always advisable to invest in a high-quality product. While you may be tempted to opt for the cheaper options, they may not have the structure and support that your chest requires. A bra that fits is essential for making sure that your chest is properly supported to keep your ligaments from being damaged.


Sports bras should ideally be bought according to activities. Different types of sports bras are worn when participating in intense sports, running and doing yoga. High-impact bras are suitable for high-impact activities while low-impact bras can be worn during low-impact activities. Low-impact bras do not usually offer the support that high-impact bras do.

Bra Styles

  • Encapsulated bra styles typically consist of separated cups, unlike compression bras that are pulled over the head and do not have defined cups. Since the breasts move around while you exercise, separate cups can help to enhance stability. This supports the breast individually and aids temperature regulation.
  • Smaller cup sizes can consider compression sports bras but encapsulated bras are the better option for larger chests.
  • Determine whether a racer back will improve support. This is a type of bra that is cinched in the back and holds the bra closer to your body. It provides ample support while getting rid of the straps that may have a tendency of falling off.
  • Sports bras that have wide straps are a good choice if you seek better distribution of weight. Wide straps work well for a larger bust or anyone who wants an adjustable sports bra.
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