Packing Tips For Your First Long-Term Trip

September 4, 2018

Packing for a couple of weeks away is not difficult. But, things get a bit trickier when you hit the road for a longer period of time. For example, for a gap year, a long cruise, a sabbatical, or a post-retirement trip. Then you could be away from home for months at a stretch rather than just a week or two. In that situation, you have to pack smartly.

Versatility is the key

The key to traveling for longer trips is packing versatile clothes. For example, the polo shirts that you can easily buy from places like can be worn in many different situations. They are perfect for the beach or sightseeing days. But, they are smart enough to be worn under a jacket for a special meal out or if you want to work as you travel, for a job interview.

The more versatile the clothes you choose are the better. Before you pack each item, look at it critically. Ask yourself how well it will go with the other clothes you are planning to pack. If a blouse, top, or shirt you are planning to pack can only be worn with one or two other items, it is usually best to leave it at home.

Color coordinate

Make sure that whatever you pack is color coordinated. If all of the items you pack match you will be able to create far more outfits.

As you will see, when you read this article, that does not mean that everything has to be more or less the same color. Far from it, provided you wear mainly primary colors you can actually end up with a set of very colorful outfits.

Pack the right accessories

Accessories are a great way to dress up an outfit. A few bits of costume jewelry and a belt will not take up much space in your case, so consider packing some.

Pack at least one smart outfit

Most of the time you are going to be fine wearing casual clothes. But, it is a good idea to pack something smart, as well. Being able to get into a nice restaurant, club, or attend a special party you are invited to is always a good idea.

Use a packing list

Using a packing list is a good way to make sure you do not forget anything important. It will also stop you from over packing.

A good way to put together a list that works for you is to think about the activities you are planning to enjoy while you are away. This will help you to quickly work out what you need to pack. Click here and you will see how I used this technique to create a packing list for my trip to Dubai.

Invest in good quality clothes and luggage

Everything you pack for a long trip is going to be washed and worn multiple times. So, it is best to pack high-quality clothes. The same is true of your luggage. It is going to get quite heavy use, thus it has to be well-made.

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