What You Should Know About Bail Bonds

September 5, 2018

If you or a loved one is arrested, you will do anything to ensure that they get out of jail. Posting bail can be quite a scary thing, particularly for those who are doing it for the first time. This is true, especially if you know nothing about bail bonds. When preparing to post a bail, there are a few things that you should know about bail bonds. Here are five things that will help you when you want to post bail for a loved one.


Bonds are posted 24/7

When posting bail for a loved one, you do not have to wait until normal office or business hours for you to get them out of jail. In most circumstances, you can easily post bail during the day or at night. The faster the bond is issued, the speedier your loved one will be released from the jail. Therefore, when choosing a bail bondsman, make sure that he/she is available 24/7 so that you can get their services whenever necessary.

Allows you get out of jail quickly

Bail bonds are quite helpful in circumstances where you, a friend or a loved one is arrested. No one loves to spend any time in jail or being held in police custody. However, when you have a bail bond, there is no need for this because you will be able to get out of jail as you await your trial. When trying to get bond for anyone, ensure that you know where they are held and their booking number to guarantee a smooth process.

Bail bonds are a lifesaver

Arrests are usually unexpected and in most cases, the victims are never prepared for it. Therefore, a lack of bail money is understandable in all situations. If you badly want to bail a family member or friend out of jail but have no adequate money, then bail bonds can help you out. Most bail bond companies will accept different types of collateral, such as real estate, credit cards, jewelry, cars, stocks, bonds and more. You will find a company that suits your needs no matter what. For detailed information, check out www.bailbonds4u.com/.

Assurance that the defendant will appear in court

A bail bond is basically a pledge made by an individual or someone else to guarantee that the offender will show up in court on the appointed date and time of trial. Failure to appear in these hearings will mean the loss of the bond money to the courts. Conversely, individuals who attend the court sessions as required and are proven not guilty of the felony will get their money back. With this arrangement, an offender will become the responsibility of the bail bond company after they have been set free.

Upholds the principle of “Innocent until Proven Guilty”

The idea of bail bonds came about with the principle that everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty by the courts. With bail bonds, the accused or defendant will enjoy the chance of being free and the benefit of the doubt, which are basic human rights, unless the courts deem otherwise. With bail bonds, individuals who are justly innocent of the felony pinned on them will not have to endure time in jail.

When your loved one has been arrested, you should know that there are alternatives to get them out without breaking the bank. Contact a licensed and experienced bail bondsman in your locality to kick-start the process and have your loved one back home in no time.

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