A Wildlife Trail In Odisha

September 4, 2018

While Odisha might not be on your list of top places in the country to visit, do not overlook this state especially if you are a wildlife enthusiast. With a long and pristine coastline, mountain ranges, a rich gene pool, and rolling plateaus, Odisha is one of the most ecologically diverse states in the country. There are many unique ecological microsystems that you must visit while on a wildlife train in Odisha. You can hire a Bhubaneswar car rental and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Chilika Lake

The Chilika Lake is one of the most unique ecological systems in India. It is the largest coastal lagoon with brackish water. It is home to more than 160 species of migratory birds, many of which are endangered species. The lake is also home to many reptiles and amphibians and even a unique type of dolphin species has been sighted in the lake. If you are a bird spotter, then plan your visit between November and February, when the migratory birds come to visit.

Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary

This long beach is home to one of the largest Olive Ridley turtle nesting grounds in the world. The beach is cradled by two rivers on either end. The deltas of these rivers have created ecologically diverse ecosystems that are home to several species like the crocodile, hyena, antelope, wild boar, and leopard. Of course, the best time to visit is during November when hundreds of Olive Ridley turtles make their journey to the beach to mate and nest.

Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to a dense Sal tree forest and many interesting species of fauna including the leopard, tiger, jungle cat, hyena, wolf, and porcupine. The sanctuary is fed and sustained by the Salandi river and is home to the Muggar crocodile. The best time to visit the sanctuary is during the winter months when the river is full, and the flora is flourishing.

Similipal National Park

Arguably one of Odisha’s most popular wildlife destination, the Similipal National park is home to wild elephants and tigers. This national park has at least twelve rivers crisscrossing the terrain, making it rich with several micro-ecosystems. These rivers also create stunning waterfalls, including the breathtaking Barehipani waterfalls which has a drop of more than 400 meters. Nearby is a crocodile breeding park which you can visit to learn more about the rehabilitation of the Muggar crocodile.

Bhitarkanika National Park

This national park is still largely unexplored and is a collection of several islands that offer beaches, trekking trails, and boat rides. This national park is home to Odisha’s oldest bird sanctuary and is also the best place to see mangrove trees. Due to its geology, this national park is home to turtles, crocodiles, and many species of migratory birds that thrive in marshy lands.

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