Eight Proven Strategies For Promoting Your Brand On Instagram

September 10, 2018

With almost a billion monthly active users, Instagram is currently the second most popular social media channel in the niche of digital marketing out there. Social media is at the pinnacle of digital marketing that allows businesses to gain organic traffic almost free of cost. Businesses can, of course, use growth services to increase their Instagram engagement and therefore their organic traffic as well. The options used to be limited to just a few service providers like Jarvee, but today there are so many alternatives that even Jarvee is now obsolete. This gives businesses lots of options. However, using Instagram correctly and optimizing your account is also a great way to gain organic traffic. As people on the Internet always have their eyes open for high-quality informative content, promoting your business on social media backed with high-quality content can do wonders for your business. When it comes to being creative with your content on social media, nothing can be trendier than the platform offered by Instagram.

Bolstering your brand awareness and interacting with your potential customers and clients while promoting your brand and its offerings at the same time requires some additional techniques. With that being said, here are some of the effective tips and tactics for effectively marketing your brand on Instagram:

Actively Participate In The Platform

Perhaps this one is the universal rule that should be followed in your marketing campaign on every social media channel. After all, the only way to highlight you as a valuable marketer is to be much more than a simple content publisher. When it comes to showing your active involvement on Instagram, some of the things that you need to consider include engaging in the comment section, following other brands, people, and influencers and focusing more on user-generated content and mentioning your followers.

Utilize Testimonials

It goes without saying that being the most unbiased source of information is not possible when you are dealing with your own business on a social media platform. The success of your business entirely depends on how much invested you are in it including your marketing campaign. This is where you can leverage the power of the testimonials, as they can serve to be one of the most powerful marketing elements especially when it comes to funneling sales from one channel to another. From landing pages and advertisements to your homepage and more, you can use testimonials to boost your content marketing strategies.

Keep a Consistent Brand Theme

Content creation on social media is mostly determined by the type of branding you highlight on the platforms. Branding on social media lets your target audience to recognize your account on the channel, making it more likely to boost the user engagement through optimum brand recognition. If you are new to the platform of Instagram and looking for a rapid way to increase your engagement rate and gain more brand recognition, you can connect with some credible sources to buy real Instagram followers. Apart from that, with better brand recognition, your content will be approached by the followers more professionally than what it was before.

Integrate The Ongoing Trends In Your Content

If you seriously want to boost your social engagement on Instagram, you should incorporate the trending topics from your respective niche in your posts. Although, there is no obligation to always remaining compliant to the ongoing trends from your respective niche only, you can always think outside the box and make your posts and marketing on Instagram one of a kind. For instance, you can make use of events like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day to throw a theme related contest or create a specific post in order to gain more exposure on the platform.

Leverage A Hashtag Contest

Another way of driving a large audience base to follow your Instagram account in a much quicker and easier manner is via hosting an Instagram hashtag contest. Besides, with the surplus engagement of new Instagram followers through the hashtag contests, you can also monitor a massive amount of user-generated posts. All you need is to work on an enticing caption for your contest along with an equally captivating incentive that the winners will get after thriving in the contest. Most of the contests run by the successful brands on Instagram involve the users to follow their pages and drop an image with the respective hashtag. After that, there is the stage of enormous tagging of friends who will vote for the image and the follower with the most number of votes is declared as the winner.

Incorporate Video Content

Integrating video content to your Instagram is a bit delicate one and hence you should be a bit careful while choosing the type of video content when uploading it. From the surround sound quality to the cutting-edge visual clarity of the video, everything matters with video content, also Check the perfect Instagram post size for your post. since it highlights your professionalism in front of millions. After all, if you are looking to combine both legitimacy and professionalism together in one format of content, nothing can be better than high-quality video content.

Use Branded Hashtags

Perhaps the best way to market your brand and its products and services is to be smart with one of the most powerful tools on Instagram. Hashtags are like keywords in SEO that confers your post with more exposure and makes it more likely for the users to find and engage with it. Hence, it is crucial to be smart with your hashtag optimization procedure, starting with creating a branded hashtag that will be universal for all your content on Instagram. On top of that, when you are running specific campaigns on the visual-sharing social media channel, you can also develop certain hashtags in order to have more people engaging with it.

Make The Most Of Instagram Stories

Marketing your business on Instagram should definitely be focused on the objectives of your brand and fuelling your product sales. However, there is another aspect that the followers are always interested in which is the behind-the-scenes look of your business. Instagram has been smart enough to notice this desire of the users and has introduced Instagram Stories which is a perfect medium for featuring such images. With Instagram Stories, you can highlight the content that is either outside-the-box or related to your brand story and milestones.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media channel in terms of creative and innovative features that allow marketers to showcase their business in a much flexible manner. Adhere to these actionable strategies and gain the desired success in your marketing campaign.

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