Enjoy Truckloads of Fun in Mauritius with Some Amazing Water Sports

September 11, 2018

Is the summer heat driving you crazy and you wish to head to a cool place to avoid the sweltering heat? Then instead of going to that same old getaway this year why not plan a trip to Mauritius to pump some adventure. Mauritius is not only a honeymoon destination but has also created a niche for its excellent water sports. Even if you are not a water baby, you will love some primary water sports here which require no training in swimming.

Best Water Sports in Mauritius

When it comes to the types of water sports available in Mauritius, the list can go on and on but below are some of the most popular and highly favored. Take a look,

  • Parasailing- This is a good water sport, to begin with. With parasailing, you will not only be able to enjoy the lagoons bird’s eye view but also experience an unmatched thrill. It will be the finest place to lose yourself within the beautiful turquoise waters as well as its vastness. Generally, the duration will vary from one place to another yet usually a parasailing flight will take about 5-15 minutes.
  • Kayaking- Kayaking is another favorite water sport that will allow you to explore the caves and the mysterious islands. As per your choice you can select from a single to a double kayak. While kayaking you can discover lots on your own. For instance, if you begin from the Pointe Aux Sable, you can paddle via the water and explore the beautiful basalt rock gardens as you enter into the gorgeous rock caves.
  • Water Skiing- This is a great water sport to get an adrenaline rush. Water skiing is a high-octane sport which at first appears a tad tricky, but soon this will turn into a smooth sail. Just skim along the surface of the water, stand upright on the ski and hold the tow rope. You can enjoy water skiing at its best where the water is calm. To know more about water sports, contact Mauritius Discovery Tours.
  • Windsurfing- In Mauritius windsurfing is both challenging and exciting. For a beginner, this will include standing on the surfboard as well as controlling the acceleration, speed, and the sails direction. Here, you will get crash courses easily. Windsurfing is so much fun but at the same time is an excellent form of workout that can help you to burn around 1000 calories every hour.
  • Deep Sea Fishing- If you love adventure then game fishing is for you. This water sports will be enjoyable and at the same time help you relish a delicious dinner. You can also enjoy overnight fishing expeditions.
  • Blue Safari Submarine- If you wish to dive yet do not want to get wet, then try the Blue Safari Submarine ride. This water sport will provide you with an altogether different experience and will take you amid the exotic corals as well as help you to enjoy the ocean’s whirlwind tour.

In short, Mauritius has enough to offer, and there is a watersport for all. Go ahead and book your tickets right away. Mauritius calling!!!

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