Top Tips For Finding The Best Dust Suppression Solutions

July 29, 2021

With all the different types of dust control services available, what are the top tips for finding the best dust suppression system? First, it is necessary to understand the type of dust that needs to be collected. This includes what type of particles exist on the surface of the material and what these particles are made of. When understanding this, it is possible to then design the dust suppression system to best suit the needs of the collector. If you reside in Australia then Erizon dust suppression is an excellent and reliable service to use to fulfill all your project needs. Below are also a few of the different types of dust that may need to be collected and some of the considerations that go along with each type:

Understand the difference between types of dust

There are two types of commercial or industrial dust. The first is dry dust, and the second is wet dust. Dry dust is created as a byproduct of a manufacturing process. It can contain petroleum-based products and is considered harmful to health. On the other hand, wet dust is created as a byproduct during the manufacturing of materials such as paper, textiles, fibreglass and certain types of plastics. While the materials themselves may not contain dry dust, they contain high levels of moisture.

Look for efficient dust suppression solutions

One thing to look for in any dust suppression system is efficiency. It is important to note that while moisture is a necessity for most systems, too much moisture can cause problems with materials that are not designed to hold moisture. Also, ensure that any moisture level is well below the normal atmospheric moisture level. This will help to keep the particles moving so that they will not clog up ducts and pipes. The purpose of a dust suppression system is to trap the dust and then remove it from the area where they need to be cleaned.

Ensure the effectiveness of the dust suppression

Along with the efficiency of the dust suppression system itself is the effectiveness of the dust suppression. To determine what the best dust suppression for a particular material is, consider what kind of dust you are dealing with. For example, powdered materials, such as compressed grass or hay, have fine particles that will not clog up air vents or filter vents easily. However, materials such as drywall and certain types of paper require a good dust suppression system that is efficient enough to actually remove the dust without clogging the vents or filter vents.

Make sure the company offers maintenance for the dust suppression solutions

Another thing to look for in dust suppression solutions is the maintenance of the system. In order for the system to perform at its optimal performance, make sure to hire a good quality system. If the maintenance of the system requires too much maintenance or is not done correctly, the end result could be very bad. So first and foremost, make sure the company offers maintenance for the dust suppression solutions.

Make sure the solutions are compatible with the dust situation in your area

When you hire dust suppression systems, you need to make sure that the dust suppression system is durable, effective, efficient, and long-lasting. It is also important to consider how well the system can work in tandem with the dust situation in your area. Make sure it is compatible with what you already have in your home.

Look at what type of filter is being used

When it comes to dust suppression solutions, there are some other things to consider as well. Look at what type of filter is being used. Some of the most effective filters are made out of polycarbonate, which is able to prevent dust from getting to certain harmful chemicals in your home. The filter should be easily accessible, as well as one that can keep out various different types of dust. Make sure the filter can work effectively on the materials that it will be working on. You should also consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the dust suppression unit.

If you have a new roof or other construction where a dust suppression system will be needed, make sure to choose one that will work with the material and structure of what you have. This will allow for optimal performance and durability of your new system. For more information, feel free to visit this website.

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