Five Tricks To Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

March 4, 2018

After a winter filled with bomb cyclones and extreme cold weather alerts, who is not ready for spring? Not many people in the GTA can resist the feeling of positivity this season ushers in, as the cold air warms and the snow melts, revealing bright green buds. While Mother Nature is turning over the old to make way for the new, do not just sit in your couch’s butt groove and wait for the spring to arrive. Take a cue from the natural world around you and turn a discerning eye towards your surroundings. Plan to spring clean the clutter away. So, open those windows, let the fresh air in, and let us get started.

Trick #1: Have The Right Supplies

While you may be tempted to throw everything out in the garbage — if only to make your job easier — you will regret doing this quickly after you realize you accidentally threw out an important bill or trinket. It is better to go through your things meticulously to make sure you are not throwing out things you need.

Depending on how much clutter you have, this could take you a while. Do not feel discouraged if your spring cleaning lasts several days. Rather than focusing on the time, focus on the quality of your organization. Go room to room and spend quality time appraising your stuff.

Trick #2: Get Rid Of Stuff

Before you don your yellow gloves and start scrubbing, you will want to de-clutter. Cleaning will only be effective once you clear away all that stuff getting in the way. Be ruthless with your de-cluttering. There is no point in moving your pile of magazines, only to put them back after you have dusted. If you do not think you will read them anymore, ask friends if they want them. If the answer is no, recycle them.

Trick #3: Categorize Your Things Into Keep, Toss, And Donate/Sell Piles

Unless you managed to collect a lot of garbage over the years, this next step might be hard to carry out. You have to assess your belongings to see how much stuff you are willing to keep in your space.

  • Toss pile: It is the easiest one to fill. Put anything that is broken here.
  • Donate or sell pile: Put anything in good condition that you have not used in the past year, making exceptions for heirlooms or special items.
  • Each city in the GTA has its own local charities. Take the time to research the differences between Richmond Hill and Thornhill, so you can find the perfect new home for your stuff.
  • Keep pile: Anything left goes there, until you are ready to redistribute around your home.

Trick #4: Use A Storage Unit To Free Up Space

Sometimes your keep pile remains too large for your space. Give yourself a break from the task and turn to another room or watch the next episode of Black Mirror. Then go back to your pile to see if you are willing to get rid of anything more. If that break does not do the trick, you probably have items that you genuinely want or need to keep. When your keep pile consists of seasonal items or important furniture you are not ready to get rid of it permanently, move them to a mini storage unit.

When it comes to your stuff, you should only rent the best Richmond Hill storage unit you can find. If you are not sure what that looks like, make sure your storage facility should offer the following:

  • Flexible pricing with promotions to keep your rental affordable
  • A variety of unit sizes and term lengths
  • Friendly customer service provided by experts who share their top tips to help keep your home organized
  • Packing and storage materials to protect your items
  • Comprehensive security measures to keep your stored items safe from theft
  • Climate control to protect against weather conditions, humidity, and pests

Trick #5: Clean Top To Bottom

Once you have cleared clutter out of your home, it is time to wipe down surfaces and polish the floors. It is important that you follow a basic top-to-bottom rule, where you start with the highest appliances, features, and items first. That way you will clean up any dust or debris you wipe off from ceiling fans or upper vents, and leave behind zero mess.

Spring cleaning can have a restorative effect on your mood, removing late-winter blues along with all the clutter you don’t need. Take advantage of the motivation you feel in seeing the outside world thaw and turn it inside to clean up your spaces. As you put to use these tricks to simplify your spring cleaning, remember the biggest trick of them all is organization. Take to your big clean with purpose and a plan, and you will get more done than you realize.

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