How To Declutter Your Home At High-Speed

February 11, 2022

There has been a significant focus on having less and enjoying life more because of it. And if that sounds like just the thing for you, then here are some tips to help you declutter your home at speed and with minimal fuss. 

Why should you declutter?

In general, people buy much more than they need. It is human nature for us to ‘furnish our nests’ to make them comfortable. This is made worse by marketing companies telling us our lives will be better when they have newer, bigger, and more expensive things all the time. 

Deep down, we know that these things do not make us happy and that what matters is how we spend our time with the people we love. 

But decluttering brings more than just some savings to our account when we stop feeling the pressure to buy everything. It means we have less to clean, so we have more time to spend on things we want to do. 

The less you have, the easier it is to stay organized. Things will all have their rightful place in the home, and that means you have more time to enjoy things. Nothing will be too out of place, and it will look cleaner in general. 

When we are surrounded by a lot of things, and often the mess that goes with it — it can increase our stress levels. Even if we are consciously thinking about the mess, it will be in the back of our minds at all times. It is something we have to ‘deal with.’ And if you work from home, it can impede your productivity. 


One of the biggest obstacles to consider is how much you have in the home that you do not use, love or need. It can be difficult to label anything in your home as trash, but for the most part, anything that does not benefit you is trash. 

It can feel like a long process when you first start it, but what is important is that you only keep exactly what you need. 

There are a few ways that you can do this. You can grab a pile of sticky notes and place one of everything that needs to be done. You could use three colors to label things to sell, things to donate, and things to go in a large container bin. 

Remember that it is not just big items you will be getting rid of; you will also be saying goodbye to smaller items too. Clothing, brick-a-brack, small furniture, electricals, and more. 

Selling items can slow the process, but it can also bring in some extra cash. 

Room by room

Many people feel overwhelmed initially by the job and start moving between rooms rather than focusing on one room at a time. 

One room at a time allows you to feel like you have completed a big part of the job, and you will be motivated to do more. 

It reduces how overwhelming the task is. 


Since the kitchen is one of the highest traffic places in the home, it can also end up as one of the most significant dumping grounds. It is time to grab a box, and everything that should not be in the kitchen needs to make its way to its real home or go out with the trash. 

Drawers are one of the secret areas of the home that can end up filled with a range of rubbish and smaller items from the rest of the home. If that sounds familiar, one of the places that you should target within the kitchen is the drawers. 

Clean them out, and then give them a scrub. Designate each drawer for a specific purpose instead of having a myriad of things in there. 


When you think about removing a larger amount of clutter from your home, a dumpster is often the fastest and most cost-effective way to get this done. Look for a dumpster company that recycles where possible and one that has the size of container that you need. 

Depending on where you live, you might find that you have critters trying to make a new home in your dumpster, but there are plenty of tips on how you can avoid that, learn more here. 

To make the most of your container, make sure that you break down things like furniture so you can maximize the space that you have. 


It is more beneficial to dedicate some short bursts of time to your decluttering efforts rather than letting it go on for days. If there is no deadline in place, then it can be more difficult to keep yourself on track. 

Instead, set a timer for an hour and get as much done as you can in those short, focused periods. It will make the task much shorter, and you will be dedicating your energy to the tasks rather than getting sidetracked when you find cool stuff in your drawers. 

All hands on deck

Rather than try and tackle everything yourself, get friends, family, and even the kids to help! Give everyone a specific task, and you will increase the speed at which the whole thing is tackled. 

Remember to keep everyone mindful of the 1 hour timer and make a game of who can do the most of their task in the shortest time. And if you cannot get friends and family to contribute make sure to turn to CleanArte Maid Service for the best outside help you can find.

Give it away

Depending on where you live, you might have things like a community library (a bookshelf on the street) or a place where you can put the furniture that is in good working order, but you do not need anymore. 

Try to give away as much as possible to make your job much easier. 

And when you begin to feel a little tired, then it is time to remember how much easier life can be when your home is less cluttered! 

Decluttering can feel like a huge undertaking, but in the end, when tackled with precision and speed, you might be surprised just how quickly you get your home looking and feeling amazing. 

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