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Useful Tips for Cleaning an Office- Running a Healthy and Safe Company

October 6, 2018
There are several reasons to keep a clean office for your business. A tidy and neat space is not only more visually appealing than a disorganized mess, it also make a positive impression on clients and customers as well as being more conducive to a productive workplace. It can also...

Five Tricks To Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
March 4, 2018
After a winter filled with bomb cyclones and extreme cold weather alerts, who is not ready for spring? Not many people in the GTA can resist the feeling of positivity this season ushers in, as the cold air warms and the snow melts, revealing bright green buds. While Mother Nature...

Five Home Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Home Cleaning
July 7, 2017
Home cleaning can be tiresome and time-consuming, but not when you know some simple tricks to get things done, as you can save your time. Yes, there are so many wonderful home cleaning hacks that can make your life easier! Following are five such useful hacks: 1. Sofa Cleaning With Baking...